Thousands of Democrats Think “Coyote” Means Literal Animals Trafficking Humans Across the Border

In what could a appear to be the greatest example yet of Democrat incompetence, thousands of verified politicians, celebrities and musicians believe that President Donald Trump’s “coyotes” comments were in reference to the animal, not the traffickers.

After the coyote comments from the President, Democrats took to Twitter in shock as they believed Donald Trump had actually thought that coyotes (the animal) were smuggling humans across the border.

Keep in mind, these are verified Twitter users. These verified accounts have an accumulation of millions of followers who listen to and believe the things they are saying. We have a portion of the country who are viciously pro open borders, while not understand simple terms like this.

This would be funny if our country wasn’t at stake. We are dealing with tens of millions of uneducated citizens, weighing in on issues of the most important nature, who simply don’t understand what the hell they are talking about.

Here we have a politician, a Georgian representative, who doesn’t understand simple terms regarding borders and immigration.

You might think this is a simple mishap, or that these thousands of individuals might be “joking” as some of them have reluctantly and deceptively attempted to claim, but this is a horrifying indication of the remedial education these individuals have regarding American politics.

If anything, this is an indication of things to come. The U.S. is in for a rude awakening if we fail to deport the millions of illegals and shut off immigration completely. Once these people become the majority and republicans fail to maintain office, we will be dealing with the most incompetent nuclear super powers the world has ever known.