HUGE NEW INFO Has Just Surfaced About The Kidnapping / Attack In Chicago

It seems like almost every week we are seeing or hearing about more incidents like this. A black person pulling a white person out of their car and beating them, black people jumping white people and screaming racial slurs while mentioning Donald Trump, or black Americans attacking a white person physically or verbally for wearing pro Trump apparel.  But we never thought we would see what we all saw today. And unfortunately, there’s more to this video. A MUCH more disturbing video has surfaced.

I am still trying to figure out why Trump supporters are the ones being called ‘racists,’ while it is the reverse happening almost every day, but I digress…

Hate crime and aggravated battery charges were filed against four African American suspects who police say bound, gagged and tortured a mentally challenged white male while shouting racial and anti-Donald Trump slurs, Fox News confirmed.

The most saddening news to come out, and the worst part of this entire incident, is that the man that was attacked has Autism.  It is reported by chicago police that the victim was recently asked some questions by detectives about what had occurred however it was “hard to communicate with the man,” they said as the victim is “mentally challenged.”

According to CPD, The victim was dropped off by his parents at a local McDonalds to meet his ‘friend,’ Jordan Hill. Who turned out to be one of the attackers.  The victim was supposed to spend the night at who he thought was his friend from a previous school, however Hill used this false befriending to his advantage to then kidnap him.  Hill used a stolen van to pick up the victim and they spent the next 2 days visiting Jordan Hill’s friends on the West Side of Chicago. The victim slept in the van for these 2 days.  Following this the mentally disabled victim was brought back to the apartment on Lexington where the famous video took place.


Geez, if it wasn’t bad enough that this happened to him, imagine how hard it must be for his family to process this all.  The second part of this video shows the group making the mentally challenged man drink from toilet water.  To me, this is the worst part of the entire ordeal.  As the group berates the man and swears obscenities at him saying “f*ck Trump,” they force his head into a toilet bowl for several minutes, forcing him to swallow the dirty water. Watch below…


Truly we can say without a doubt that if the roles were reversed in this situation, we wouldn’t even be making “is this a hate crime?” It would immediately be deemed a hate crime before the video had 10 views and half of the city of Chicago would be burned down by the time the video had 20 views. Meanwhile the leftists hollywood elites are still releasing videos pleading with Congress now to stop Trump from rolling out legislation, actually thinking that Americans aren’t laughing in their faces.

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trump_supporter_bloody-900x450Oh but it was the Russians right? For almost a year now, Trump supporters and Americans watched things like this occur all across the country while staying silent.  We waited until we had our only chance to make a change, and that was at the polls. We saw the direction the country was going.  We saw that this would get out of hand if we let it go down the same path of liberal leftism as we have seen in the top 10 poorest cities in America i.e.; Detroit, controlled by liberals for 50 years. We saw the people burning the police cars at the Costa Mesa Trump rally.  We saw the woman attacked with eggs because she supported Trump at another.  We saw the liberal professor caught on film saying things like “Trump’s election was an act of terrorism.” We cringed while we watched Donald Trump’s Hollywood star vandalized.  We laughed at the hypocrisy of all the employers and store workers who refused to serve or service anyone who supported Trump.

We watched all of this and stayed silent.  Until the silent majority stood up, took to the polls and caused an unprecedented result.  A result that all the pollsters and self deemed pros said would never happen.  They said there was a 99% percent chance that Trump would lose.  Oh how more wrong could they be.  How could they not see this coming?

I can’t wait until 2020 when they say the same things. When the paid for pollsters and pundits predict another loss by Trump.  While we, the deplorable, the silent majority sit back in our recliners after a long hard day at work watching braindead citizens like this posting things like this and proving what we already knew – THAT THE LEFT are the violent, obnoxious fascists that they love to call us.