HuffPo Writer Says Women Are To Blame For Refugee Sex Attacks In Germany

A Syrian refugee columnist for the Huffington Post has said that women are mostly to blame for the New Year’s Eve sex attacks across Germany

Being the tolerant publication they are, Huffington Post hired a Syrian refugee columnist a while back.  He is not new to controversy however this particular tweet just goes to show everyone of us, at least the sane ones, that this 6th century ideology isn’t immune to even the alleged “westernized” refugees.

Aras Bach tweeted “Most of the time the women are to blame. To be alone at night. On the other hand, the refugees should behave”.   He wrote the tweet in German:

Daran sind meistens die Frauen schuld. Nachts alleine zu sein. Andrerseits sollten sich die Flüchtlinge benehmen.  #Silvester

— Aras Bacho (@ArasBacho) December 12, 2016

Mr. Bacho’s tweet came just as Breitbart London revealed that out of 1300 reported sex attacks on New Year’s Eve in Cologne alone, only 18 convictions have been made so far.