How the Left is Pushing White Men Further Right

We constantly hear from mainstream pundits, politicians, people who call themselves journalists, and various twitter activists that people are being ‘radicalized’ by conservative media. We also constantly hear that our kids are being ‘radicalized’ by 8chan, 4chan or youtube and this is why we need to take these outlets or channels down. My favorite recent headline by the New York times “Youtube radicalized Brazil” always comes to mind when thinking about how ridiculous the media has become.

But the truth is that none of this is accurate.  The real “radicalization” of young white men in this country, if they’re actually legitimately being radicalized by anyone, is strictly and provably due to the rhetoric of the mainstream left, and I’m going to prove it to you.
I recently received an email from a former registered democrat with a link to a speech by Beto O’rourke. This person says he is a “37 year old male, who voted for Beto in the 2018 election, and was a registered democrat.”  That is…. He says until he found my channel, which as you know by now is heavily aimed at debunking popular talking points from the mainstream media and the left. He even included a picture of him with his ‘I voted’ sticker and a picture of his ballot to prove to me he was being genuine.
The question we have to ask ourselves is why alternative media is now more popular than mainstream media and why some political YouTubers are getting a higher daily viewership than CNN and MSNBC? Why are people in droves funneling to YouTube, or other platforms to get an opposing opinion?
Regardless of what you think of Beto, his chances in the election which are minuscule, or him as a politician in Texas, it doesn’t matter…. it was what he said in this speech that drove this person and many others away from the Democratic Party and the left in general. The talking points Beto regurgitated in his speech, are talking points the majority of his constituency, who are largely white Americans hear on a regular basis from media, journalists, and left wing politicians. And they are sick of it.
I have to admit, I can actually heavily relate to this guy who emailed me, as I never cared about any of these topics we will get into today.  I guess that was until I heard on a regular basis, these same baseless and statistically incorrect narratives from the media I consumed, the politicians I listened to, and the left-wing in general in America. After being sick and tired of hearing these same things over and over, I started to search out other outlets for news and opinions that were the antithesis from the disgusting rhetoric that has become mainstream today.


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Yup. I’m sure Middle aged HuWhite men love to hear this

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Now one of the major reasons why the person who emailed said that they began to seek out opposing viewpoints was because he was constantly being called racist and being demonized for being white.  I think I can relate as I said I never cared about race before.. I grew up watching sitcoms on the few channels we had.  A lot of those sitcoms had black families as the stars, Cosby, Family Matters, Fresh Prince of Belair, so on and so forth.  It was until pretty recently that we were all hit with an endless onslaught of white this, white that, white male, white privileged, only whites can be racist, so on and so forth that I too started to look into the actual statistics attempting to debunk what I was being told.  I found that not only are many of these talking points easy to debunk, but I found that in a lot of cases like hate crimes, hate groups, crime rates and many others, it was the exact antithesis of hat they were trying to sell to me as a middle aged white man in America.
Beto Argument #1
Blacks are overrepresented in prisons, and that is because of racism
For those of you who have followed my channel for a while know that this statement is low hanging fruit for me.  But let’s indulge.
If we go to table 43a of the 2017 FBI crime statistics we can can see that black Americans, while only making up 13% of the population accounted for over 50% of the arrests for homicide in the year of 2017.  If we want a per 100,000 rate we just take the number for arrests for homicide, divide it by the population of black Americans in the year of 2017 which was approximately 40 million, then multiply that by 100,000 and you get a homicide arrest rate of approximately 12.5
This is a rate that is 5 times higher than the arrest rate for homicides of white Americans. Once we subtract a proportionate amount of the hispanic number from the white number we can see that the homicide arrest rate for whites is approximately 1.4 to 2.4 per 100,000.  No matter how you spin it, 13% of the population, black Americans account for over half of all arrest homicides every single year, it doesn’t matter what year we go to as we can see this graph here from 2016 data.
Outside of this, we can look at CDC numbers quoted by the american council on science and health and we can see that outside of just arrests for homicides, they have the homicide rate for black Americans at 20 per 100,000 VS the approximately 2 per 100,000 of whites.
Aside from FBI and CDC statistics, we can also see this scientific study here from the violence policy center that shows the homicide victim rate for black Americans at an upwards of 30 per 100,000 in almost every single state that was studied.  The national average in this paper showed the homicide victimization rate for black Americans in the country is at 20 per 100,000 which is on par with the CDC data, and not surprisingly so as we know that the major perpetrator of homicide against black males, are other black males.
This overrepresentation goes for almost all crimes according to data whether it be robbery, rape, aggravated assault, and others.  Just in case you’re wondering…. Rape has no correlation with poverty according to all data, and murder has almost no correlation either when we look at certain metrics.
There’s a reason why heavily Impoverished cities like Rio De Janeiro in Brazil and heavily impoverished countries like Guatemala are statistically a heck of a lot safer that Baltimore, Detroit, and St Louis.
So obviously we have out answer for why black Americans are overrepresented in our prison system
Let’s get to Beto’s next point…
Beto Argument #2
Hate Crimes are on the rise, there was a 200% increase in counties that Trump hosted a rally, and that means white racism is a problem.
Now this is one that really ticks me off.  This is a talking point that we hear endlessly from all angles on the left and it’s disgusting.  The term white and the term hate crimes has become somewhat of a colocation at this point, but it’s absolutely false.
Let’s address his 200% rise in hate crime claim for a minute.
Firstly, left-leaning Politifact checked into this statement already.  There was NOT a 200% rise in hate crimes in counties that Trump hosted a rally at all.  That was a lie.  But it gets worse.
If we look at the FBI statistics on hate crimes by race of offender and by victim: This is the number of hate crimes from 2016 and this is the amount of hate crimes in 2017.  There has not been a 200% increase in hate crimes by any metric at all, anywhere.  Now there has been a drastic increase in reported hate crimes, but most of them actually turned out to be fake.  If you scroll through – you will see what I mean.
The fact is though that black men commit hate crimes at a higher rate than any other group, including white men.
This is the chart of hate crimes from 2016 by the FBI
This shows 5,770 hate crimes, 26% were committed by black Americans and 43% were committed by white Americans.
Now for the intelligent person, you can see that the only group that is overrepresented in hate crimes compared to their population percentage is black Americans.  But unfortunately the majority of America isn’t that bright.  When you have different populations, you have to get a per 100,000 rate to obtain correct data, especially in an ever-growing population. So we take the 1,500 hate crimes committed by blacks divide that by the black population which is 42 million, and multiply that number by 100,000 and we get a hate crimes perpetration rate of 3.57 perf 100,000 black Americans.
For whites we take 2,481 divided their population of 195 million and 1.2 per 100,000 white people.
This means that out of 100,000 black Americans and 100,000 white Americans, you will get three times more black hate crimes perpetrators that white ones.
Beto Argument #3
Black kindergarteners are five times more likely to be suspended or expelled than white ones for the same infraction, in front of the same teacher
Now this is just absolutely statistically incorrect by any and all metrics or studies that exist. Beto claims that black kindergarteners are disciplined, suspended or expelled at a rate that is 5 times higher than white children for the same infraction, and in front of the same teacher.
We found the study that he is talking about and has talked about before, and it is a study that NPR quotes here.
The very first thing to point out is that the study says absolutely NOTHING about same teacher or same infraction. Why?  Because Beto was lying.
It does however say that Across age groups, black students are three times more likely than white students to be suspended.”  Not  5 times higher as Beto claims.  And the study says nothing about infraction, how many times they offended, or the teacher as Beto claims. In fact the article says: The report doesn’t specify why there are such glaring disparities in school punishment, much less why those begin in preschool.
Now automatically the left, the media, and Beto in particular will scream “RACISM IS THE REASON” while they regurgitate false talking points. Some of them knowing full well why these disparities exist but are either too scared to say why or using it to their advantage in the oppression olympics that has become our political discussion in America.
The truth is that we can correlate the discipline and expulsion rate to he crime rate, for black Americans being much higher in America than any other racial category.  We can also correlate this to why the murder rate for black Americans is quadruple the national average, and why it is 10 times higher than asians and whites. Many “ controversial” researchers have already given reasons for this outside of the standard “ white man bad, white man racist” explanation that we hear from everyone.  These false talking points are what is truly “radicalizing” white men in America.     
Some of the more obvious explanations would be fatherless homes.  There are unanimous studies that exist for anyone to find that show that over 60% of high school dropouts grow up in fatherless homes.  We can also see that over 60% of federal prisoners grew up in fatherless homes. The media never talks about fatherless homes however because 85% of single mothers vote for the Democratic Party.
There are also other possible explanations outside of ‘racism.’  If you go to this study from the university of Delaware by Berkeley researcher Arthur Jensen and University of Ontario researcher J Phillipe Rushton, it explains the differences in impulse control between races as well as hormone levels, etc.
It is much like the other claims we see from individuals on the left who claim that “black men are imprisoned at a higher rate than white men for the same drug offense.”  But when you actually look into the offenders, you see explanations of this like this one from Politifact.
First, and most importantly, the black men who were imprisoned at a higher rate for the same offense is easy to explain. As Michael Tonry, professor of law at the University of Minnesota puts it simply here:
“Blacks arrested for drugs are more likely to be sent to jail because they’re more likely to have had a previous run-in with the law. Also on top of this, They’re more likely to get caught selling drugs.”
He also explains that “Whites are more likely to sell to people they know, and they much more often sell behind closed doors. Blacks sell to people they don’t know and in public, which makes them vastly easier to arrest.”
Beto Argument #4 
Illegal Immigrants commit crimes at lower rates than legal residents.
Now this is something that I have addressed before.  I have had criminologists on my channel like Ron Martinelli to talk about his article in the Hill that stated the following:

According to the FBI, 67,642 murders were committed in the U.S. from 2005 through 2008, and 115,717 from 2003 through 2009. The General Accounting Office documents that criminal immigrants committed 25,064 of these murders.

Illegal immigrants clearly commit a level of violent and drug related crimes disproportionate to their population.

In California alone, over 2,400 illegal immigrants out of a total prison population of 130,000 are imprisoned in the state’s prison system for the crime of homicide.

The pro-illegal immigrant lobby consistently misrepresents the criminal involvement of illegal immigrants as compared to immigrants who legally enter the U.S. and American citizens, saying that illegal immigrants commit less crimes than their counterparts. This assertion is false in most cases. Here are the vetted statistics:

In California, there are just over 92 illegal immigrants imprisoned for every 100,000 illegals as compared to 74 citizens and legal non-citizen immigrants. In Arizona, the rate is nearly 69 illegals imprisoned for every 100,000, as compared to 54 citizens and legal non-citizen immigrants.

In New York, over three times as many illegal immigrants or 169, are imprisoned for crimes per 100,000, as compared to only 48 citizens and legal non-citizen immigrants.

I have had economists on my channel as well like John Lott to talk about his study that showed that illegal aliens in Arizona were 147% more likely to be convicted of a crime than average legal Arizonans.
We have talked about the government statistics that show that aliens represent almost one third of the federal prison population in America.
We have talked about the GAO study that shows that on the lowest end of the estimation, illegal aliens commit homicide at a rate that is anywhere from 6.5 per 100,000 to double digits per 100,000, which is far higher than the approximate 4.9 per 100,000 national average.
It is far easier to make a case for a higher rate of crime than lower rate of crime when we actually dig into published studies and true data.
Now the next point from Beto we are going to get into is the one that is turning white men right wing faster than ever. It is the slavery pandering.
Beto Argument #5
We kidnapped slaves, you’re responsible, we should pay reparations, and slaves built this country and made it great
The calls for reparations by most 2020 democrats, blaming all white people today for slavery, and reminding us every day, even more often than Hollywood reminds us about the holocaust, that we are responsible! Now here is what really grinds my gears as Peter griffin might say:
The state department’s definition of antisemitism, you know the one that has led to antisemitism laws in Florida being passed as well as 26 other states, says that blaming all jewish individuals for the wrong-doings of the past is ‘antisemitism.’  In some countries, more specifically some European countries, you could actually be arrested for this sort of thing.  Can you imagine if white people had some sort of a law against blaming all of us for slavery?  Of course you can’t because it will never happen.
You can imagine how a young white man would feel after constantly hearing this and being intelligent enough to see the double standard here.  Can you imagine if white Americans began to demand reparations for the disproportionate violent interracial crime that we have statistics for, and blamed an entire race of people for those crimes?
Let’s first address the argument he makes that slaves built America and made it great. This is insanely false for a lot of reasons..
1.) Only 4% of the south owned slaves, and it was an agrarian community, meaning mostly undeveloped and farms.
2.) The north however was made up of not only free men, but free men building industry. It was highly industrialized especially after the industrial revolution which started around 100 years prior to the civil war.
3.) North America received MILLIONS less slaves than south and Central America did.  If slavery was the factor that contributed most to building countries and making them great, why isn’t south and Central America amazing right now?  I have been there, it’s not awesome.
4.) The vast majority, some metrics say around 90% of the infrastructure, roads, bridges, canals, mines, skyscrapers, and many other beautiful first-world things we enjoy so much, were built by LEGAL Irish and Italian immigrants.
5.) The Arab slave trade was 100 times worse for Africans than the Transatlantic slave trade was, killed millions more Africans, and it is actually still going on today.  Thanks to the fact that President Obama, with the help of Hillary Clinton overthrew Libya and Gaddafi, there is now an open air slave trade in Libya where arabs are castrating and selling Africans as we speak.
By the way, doesn’t the left constantly say that Denmark, Sweden, and the rest of the Norse regions are far better than America?  I wonder how many African slaves they got over there.
Now let’s address that wonderful ‘white privilege argument’ that we hear on an endless basis from tv, to radio, to sitcoms, to movies, to media, to politicians, and everyone else in between.
Beto Argument #6
If you’re white, you have privilege 
Ahhhh the good ole white privilege trope.  You know the one that is making young white men everywhere says “YES! That is exactly what I want to hear from the party I voted for in every election.  I would love to hear about how Im oppressing everyone.”
The fact is they don’t want to hear it, and the ones who are intelligent enough to look around them, who are likely the majority of them, know it’s bullshit.
They can look around them and see Rachel Dolezal pretending to be black, Elizabeth Warren pretending to be Native American on her bar exam form, Indian students pretending to be black to get into medical school, Asians suing Harvard saying that they’re being discriminated against, and schools across America are accepting black students who have lower test scores in front of them.  They can look to Brazil which is minority white and see that 30% of the entrance slots for universities are set aside for Afro-Braziiians, they can look to South Africa and see the BBBE laws, they can look to people identifying as something other than straight, white, or male at a higher rate than we have ever seen before in history so that they can get perks and a leg-up in life or in contest. They can also see Robert Francis O’Rourke pretending to be Hispanic to get votes.
These young, straight white men can see that actually, the life privilege is not going to them at all. And they’re angry, looking for an outlet to relieve them of the way they’re feeling.

Beto Argument #7
Whites are more wealthy than blacks, and this is because of racism
Now the claim here is that white people are more wealthy because of racism.  The obvious implication is that it’s because THEY’RE racist.
To the uninformed average Americans, they may hear this and believe it.  For the critical thinker however, we tend to ask the question “why in the world is the median household income and average wealth for Asian Americans and Ashkenazi Jewish Americans far higher than white people in America? Is it racism against whites?
If we take a look at all the diversity departments, diversity hires, affirmative action in colleges, the free job training for people of color only, and the rest of the discriminatory quotas we have set for ourselves, we can actually see that the forced workforce discrimination at the expense of asians and white men is working.  This study New York times quoted shows that black and hispanic women are winning the employment percentage increase adjusted for population percentages
We can also see that this of course leads to things like what this study published in another New York times article shows, which is that there is zero income gap for black and white women. There is however an income gap for black men and white men, as this race baiting gas lighting article shows, but they left out that there is also an income gap between Asians, Ethnic Jews, and white males as well.
What the article does show is that the incarceration rate for black men in the top one percent is the same as the incarceration rate for white men at the bottom rung of income. Interesting. I wonder if we can draw a correlation between the following:
1.) There is no income gap for white women and black women
2.) There is an income gap for black men and white men
3.) There is also a wealth gap/income between asian families and white families
4.) You are far more likely to grow up poor if you grow up in a fatherless home
5.) Fatherless homes affect boys far more than they do girls
6.) Fatherless homes leads to criminality and poverty.
7.) Men commit a higher rate of crime than girls do, most likely due to biological factors but also due to some societal factors.
8.) Asians have the lowest fatherless home rate
9.) Whites have the second lowest fatherless homes rate
10.) Blacks have the highest fatherless homes rate
11.) Asians commit the least amount of crime and have a higher median household income than whites
12.) Whites commit the second lowest rate of crime and have a higher median household income than blacks
13.) Blacks commit the highest rate of crime and have the lowest median household income
14.) East Asians have the highest average IQ’s and lowest impulsivity
15.) Whites have the second highest average IQ and second lowest impulsivity
16.) Black poverty rates are the lowest in every country they reside
17.) Black crime rate is highest in every country they reside
18.) In England, the majority of the knife attacks are committed by and perpetrated against blacks.
19.) They are now installing metal detectors in schools across London and trying to ban sharp knives in London because of this
I mean I can go on, and on, and on with better explanations than RACISM!
But hey, it’s probably just racism right?
Now let’s get to mass shootings, because this is one of my favorite topics to debunk.
Beto Argument #7
Mass shootings mean we should ban guns, mass shooters are white, we need to ban AR-15’s, Trump caused the El Paso mass shooting, etc etc etc 
Now the insinuation here is that Trump’s rhetoric is what caused the mass shooter to go into a Walmart and shoot people. What we saw after the El Paso were terms like “white terrorism” coming from Rod Rosenstein, the New York times, and other outlets.
You can imagine how that might make some white men feel.  Especially when they look around and realize that also by that same logic, the shootings by Dwayne Craddock, Gary Martin, and Snochia Mosley should be deemed black terrorism as well. Or maybe Carlints St Louis and his shooting at the Miami synagogue, was that “black radical terrorism?” Or even the black man who walked into a Tennessee white church and shot up the place in what he said was “revenge for Dylan Roof’s attack?”
Was the Dayton shooter, a self proclaimed radical leftist, motivated by the rhetoric of Bernie or AOC?
Was the Bernie-bro who shot multiple republican lawmakers on a baseball field motivated by the rhetoric of Bernie sanders?
Are the string of endless activist attacks on ICE facilities motivated by CNN?
Was the man sho sniped down 5 police officers in Dallas motivated by the rhetoric of Don Lemon who constantly and conveniently left out the fact that DOUBLE the amount of white people are shot and killed by police on a yearly basis than black people?
You see the double standard that white men are starting to notice?
You see how terms like “white terrorism” and CNN pundits constantly railing on about how they’re happy whites will be the minority soon may be a bit enraging to your average taxpaying hard working white male?
Average everyday white gun owners are constantly hearing that they are to blame, the NRA is to blame, the gun manufacturers are to blame, the gun is to blame, while they peer at their computer looking at studies like this one from the bureau of justice that shows that the vast majority of crime guns obtained by authorities are illegally obtained on the black market,  The second most is obtained through ILLEGAL straw purchases, and guns used in crimes are least likely to be purchased at gun shows. But they are told they have to give up theirs.
We see that the vast majority of mass shootings are caused with handguns or shotguns, that you’re more likely to get murdered by a hammer, hands, or knives than you are any type of rifle, but we are told that we have to give up ours.  We look around and see that the majority of shootings are committed by gang members and that in Chicago, rival gang members are killing people at funerals of other dead gang members with illegally obtained guns.
They see that America has a nine times higher rate of gangs to people than all of Europe combined, yet they’re told that because Europe has less shootings, they need to give up their guns.  We see a complete disregard of the gangs to people and demographic differences of America vs Europe, and we see the media brush aside the fact that the places that have a larger drug gang problem the the US have more shootings. Guatemala, Brazil, Honduras, and many other countries for instance, which have 60 times less guns than the United States does, also has 6 times more shootings. Dear media, we notice.
We also notice that the federal definition for a mass shooting is when 4 or more people are injured or killed, yet the databases never include drive by shootings because if they did, we would see that blacks commits most of those too.
We notice how the mainstream media covered recent ICE raids showing images and videos of crying children to attack Trump, while there was absolutely ZERO mention of Obama in the ICE raid that nabbed 300 in North Carolina, or any of the other many ICE raids under his administration.
We notice the gaslighting, we notice the lies, we notice the psychological subversion, we notice the lack of context, we notice the buried stories.
WE NOTICE MEDIA! We notice all of it.