HORRENDOUS! Professor at UNLV Blames Trump For Vegas Shooting

Film Your Marxist Professors!

Thats right kids!  Any Marxist rhetoric like this that you see in your classrooms, film them and send them to us, we will post.  Tessa Winkelman told her class Thursday that Trump was to blame for the shooting that happened in Las Vegas.  Students since the occurrence have reported that the class has been totally polarized since then and that everyone is yelling at and hating each other now.

These comments have since been criticized by the University and the White House.

“While we respect academic freedom in the classroom and the right to free speech, we believe these comments were insensitive, especially given the series of events this week and the healing process that has begun in the community.,” UNLV spokesman Tony Allen said.

Winkleman has expressed regret to the Las Vegas journal and has issued an apology for her attempt at indoctrinating her students to think the exact sick and insane way that she does.