Hispanic Group Orders Removal of Columbus Statue, City Council Agrees

Your Culture is Being ERASED

The Brown Berets, a Hispanic supremacist group, is helping lead a push to have a statue of Christopher Columbus removed from San Jose’s city hall. The groups calls it “a symbol of genocide” that glorified European colonialism and violence against Native Americans after Columbus’s 1492 voyage to America.
The city council agreed and voted in favor of removing it.  The council is giving the area’s Italian-American community six weeks to relocate the statue, The Mercury News reported. If they haven’t done so by then, it will be placed in storage.
“He belongs in history books,” hispanic Councilwoman Sylvia Arenas said, according to the Mercury News. “I don’t believe he belongs in our City Hall.”
An event page for a protest against this removal has been created on Facebook.  You can find the event here.
We also saw a few weeks back that the board of supervisors in San Francisco voted to change Columbus day to ‘indigenous people’s’ day. The overwhelming majority of the board of supervisors in San Francisco are non whites.
Picture posted by San Francisco news

This is just another step in the direction of removing anything that has to do with European-American culture from America, deeming it as ‘pro-genocide.’

This clearly follows the agenda of marxist and communist hispanics which is to ‘smash this system of white supremacy.’  To marxists and post-modernists, the term ‘white supremacy’ does not mean people who believe that they are supreme to any other race, it means the system in America that whites control.

We saw this explained by professor Albert Ponce, who was under fire a few weeks back, for discussing this in his course with his students.

You can find the fun story about this statue being removed in the video below.  The event regarding the protest against the removal of the Columbus statue is scheduled on Facebook for Saturday February 10th, and you can find that here.