High School Teacher, Promotes Black Lives Matter, Blames Whites For Disparities in Black Countries

Overdosing on Karl Marx

It seems like every day we hear from the media and academia that white people are the cause for the downfall of the black community and for the poverty in non-white countries.  Because you know.. “colonialism.”

Corporations overseas are even going so far as to create job advertisements that literally call for whites to not even bother applying for their positions to help fix this “gap” in success between whites and non-whites.

But after the death blow that Jordan Peterson gave to Cathy Newman in their debate regarding the popular feminist myth that is the gender pay gap, it’s becoming more and more apparent how similar post modernist teachers are to people like Newman in a multitude of ways. More particularly, they think and teach through feelings and emotions and not facts, statistics or empirical data.

Case in point, Terry Jess, high school teacher at Bellevue High School in Washington State.  Jess is well known around campus for wearing carrying versions of black lives matter shirts and talking about racial and social injustice with his students.  Jess even created a club called “Bending the Arc,” a group aimed at ending the injustice in the black community.

Ironically this is the same state where a high school football coach was fired for praying on the field.   But I guess they’re okay with their teachers promoting a group that openly and publicly advocates for killing cops.


Jess has a youtube channel where he also reaches his students through vlogs about racial injustice.  On this channel he talks about how to be a ‘white ally,’ and how terrible white people are because of colonialism.

He even suggested that Haiti is a poor country because whites colonized the area. Unfortunately for him, history isn’t on his side on most of these subjects, however don’t expect your young high school aged children to know that when he gives his lectures on the topics.