High School Locks Doors As Students Try To Stage An Anti Trump Walkout

During a planned multi school walkout in protest of Donald Trump, one Maryland school wasn’t able to join in on the “Fun.”

As the school got word that many other Montgomery county high schools were holding walkouts, school officials and security guards ordered a lockdown of the school doors at Suitland school in Maryland.

Here is what unfolded:


Some students were even taken away by security guards and arrested:


School officials said the walkout was organized by students. They said no teachers were involved and they continued teaching as students walked out.

Thousands of students in many different schools participated in the protest. Some were heard chanting “we reject the president-elect.”

According to Montgomery County Public Schools, the students will be disciplined unless they had an excused absence from their parents.

“We offered the students a safe space to protest at school in the stadium, but once the students walk off it changes the dynamic,” Director of Public Information with MCPS, Derek Turner said.

Police, worried about the safety of the students, advised them to stay out of the roadways. Students said they appreciated the police presence and were happy the police gave them an outlet to express themselves.

The kids at Blair high school however, were successful in escaping school grounds.