HIDDEN CAMERA! California Teacher Says Trump Getting Elected Is “An Act Of Terrorism Against America.”

An Orange Coast College student was filming secretly in class as his teacher, now known as Olga Perez, attempted to indoctrinate the students with extremely nonfactual offensive biased remarks, just as so many other college professors  have been doing across the country.

She went as far as telling the student that it was an “act of terrorism against America” that Donald Trump was elected.  Perez went on to say that the country is as divided now as it was during the civil war times.  As ridiculous as this sounds to grown ups, this is the vapid comparison that was made.

Perez also announced to the students that Vice President-elect, Mike Pence, is one of the most anti-gay people in the country, and she said as if it were fact, like she was reading from a history book.

Watch for yourself the literal pre-Glasnost poland Fascism being taught:


The teacher is now reported as backed by the school and teacher’s union and is suing the student for recording “illegally” in class.   This is the true fascism that they like to warn us about Donald Trump.  What you’re seeing here, literally happens in communist countries and happened in Pre-Glasnost-esqe type old Soviet style schools.  Yet, the left labels the President-elect a “fascistic dictator.”

Olga Perez Stable Cox – instructor at OCC College.

“We have been assaulted. It’s an act of terrorism.”

Yes, a college professor just said that electing Donald Trump was an act of terrorism.

After sharing all of this, the professor then says that she is going to share some of his “coping skills” to get through a Trump presidency.