FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton Proposed The Flag Protection Act Of 2005

The internet exploded today about a tweet that Donald Trump sent out during one of his early morning twitter rampages.   The tweet read called for flag protection and consequences for flag burners.

Millions of people on Facebook and Twitter shared their opinion on the matter.  Major new outlets that were vocal supporters of Hillary Clinton and countless HRC supporters were quick to “throw shade” on Trump for his comments.

CNN bashed Trump, MSNBC berated him, not to mention all the everyday citizens and “wannabe” pundits were all fast to criticize the President-elect’s remarks.

Unfortunately neither of them know their history. They forgot it was their beloved Hillary Rodham Clinton who proposed the Flag Protection act of 2005. Clinton was a huge proponent for Trump’s recent proposal on flag burners.  Here is the history behind the 2005 “Flag Protection Act,”