Here’s Why I LOVE Poland and Their Rejection of Multiculturalism

Why I Love Poland

I have never been to Poland, I don’t know anyone in Poland and I don’t speak Polish. This however hasn’t stopped me from falling in love with Poland.  Over the past couple of years nationalist marches against immigration and in favor of nationalism and culture have been taking place.

The overwhelming majority of the country is united behind two true causes, nationalism and preserving their culture. Rejection of these displays of patriotism by Polish citizens are very few and far between.

The Polish Nationalist march last year in 2015 drew around 75,000, but estimates from the march this year appear to have dwarfed last years numbers by around 25,000 or so.

Just based on the pure nationalism and love of country that the people of Poland have is enough for me to fall in love with the country.  But the ‘icing on the cake’ is when they show it, on public display, of the world to see.

Saturday’s march drew approximately 100,000 strong. It was a stance against the dilution of their people.  It was a stance against the EU and their death wish to bring in people that can’t and won’t assimilate.   A people that will inevitably destroy their culture.  It was a stance against the bureaucrats in the European Union who are on a mission to import the Muslim hordes that, as we have seen ultimately result in an never-ending stream of atrocities.

Acid attacks which have reached epidemic levels in the UK, explosions at concerts in Manchester, truck rampages in Nice France and 12 bombings in just 24 days in Sweden is proof enough for the Polish people.

Not to mention the Taharrush. Thats right rape.  The type of people that the country of Poland are rejecting also have a big sexual assault problem in their culture. As we saw in Cologne on New Years eve when over 1,000 sexual assaults occurred just on that night, essentially all by foreign immigrants from the most problematic areas of the world.

They reject them vehemently.

This is why I love Poland.  Sanction after sanction by the EU in response to Poland’s rejection of migrants and asylum seekers does not come close to swaying the Polish leaders and people in their decision.  They stand tall and firm in their rejection of the attempt on destroying their borders, language and culture.

I would says I’m moving to Poland but their borders are closed.  I understand that though because it’s for the best.