Here’s a List of Republicans Who Have Stabbed Trump in the Back

Many republicans that hold office today, were elected solely because of the support from President Donald Trump.  Now that they hold office, many of them have completely turned their backs on the President, even going so far as to publicly call for him to concede the election to Joe Biden, or blocking any real verification of the vote.

Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia for example owes his entire election victory to President Trump. Since November 4th, Kemp has done little to help the President in his fight to overturn an election that most republicans, and a plurality of Americans agree was stolen.

Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio, who Trump brought up on stage during his rallies on several occasions, is another Turncoat according to Trump’s supporters. Right after the election, DeWine urged President Trump to allow a peaceful Transfer of power to Joe Biden.

Outside of Kemp and DeWine, there are countless others who refused to support Trump in his challenging of the election, and the list has been growing.

Here’s a list of elected republicans who either have directly called for Trump to concede, sabotaged any real audits, expressed disdain for Trump in private, or is an establishment RINO.

Mitt Romney – UT

Marco Rubio – FL

Mike Shirkey – MI

Mike DeWine – OH

Brian Kemp – GA

Brad Raffensperger – GA

Pat Toomey – PA

Liz Cheney – WY

Doug Ducey – AZ

Mitch McConnel – KY

Larry Hogan – MD

Fred Upton – MI

John Cornyn – TX

Paul Mitchell – MI

James Lankford – OK

Lisa Murkowski – AK

Ben Sasse – NE

Susan Collins – ME

Jim Durkin – IL

Dan Young – AK

Francis Rooney – FL

John Shimkus – IL

Adam Kinzinger – IL

Paul Mitchell – MI

Don Bacon – NE

Tom Reed – NY

Will Hurd – TX

John Kurtis – UT

Denver Riggleman – VA

Bill Cassidy – MI

Republican Politicians Who Have Been Silent, Yet Reportedly Have Privately Expressed Disdain for Trump 

John Thune – SD

Rob Portman – OH

Lamar Alexander – TN

Roy Blunt – MO

Mike Braun – IN

Todd Young – IN

Tim Scott – SC

Rick Scott – FL

Chuck Grassley – IA

Richard Burr – NC

Martha McSally – AZ

Jerry Moran – KS

Pat Roberts – KS

Richard Shelby – AL

RINOS Who Were Silent When Trump Needed Them Most 

Dan Crenshaw – TX

Madison Cawthorn – NC 11th district