Help These Patriots Get To Portland For June 4th!

From Go Fund Me:


LA patriots need your help!  – Click HERE to see Go fund me link

There will be large scale demonstrations taking place in Portland on June 4th and the LA MAGA TEAM needs your help to get there. Antifa, the radical left wing group that has been inciting violence against Trump supporters has a notorious history with the city and hundreds of them are expected to be in attendance. We will be there countering their destructive actions by holding a MAGA event in their place. 

We feel it’s more important than ever to be the voices for free speech and conservative values in the face of radical Antifa members and leftist organizations attempting to destabilize our country and intimidate or silence conservatives. 

Terry Schrunk Plaza
Portland, Oregon
June 4 – 2pm

If you are in the area please come and support fellow patriots and MAGA supporters. We need as many people there as possible! 

This will be our 5th trip to be on the front lines to support the MAGA movement and make our presence known — and we need your financial help as we prepare to bring out the LA MAGA TEAM of freedom-loving advocates to Portland. 

We greatly appreciate your support to offset the financial costs so we can continue to be a positive voice on the front lines and protect our country from the lefist liberal agenda!

These funds will directly help many MAGA influencers get to Portland including:
-Baked Alaska
-Mike Tokes
-The Red Elephants
-Omar Navarro 

All of us will be livestreaming and covering the events on our social media so those who cannot make it can watch from home.

Any surplus funds will be used to set up and attend more MAGA events across the country! Please stay updated with us on Twitter as we announce new events and news.

Please help us reach our goal of $2500! Click HERE to see Go fund me link

Thank you!