HEATED DEBATE! Rand Paul & Judge Jeanine Argue About Trump’s Decision To Strike Syrian Airfields

Syria Or Bust?

Rand Paul took to the golf course last week to try and urge President Trump not to strike Syrian airfields. Paul’s attempt was to no avail. President Trump decided to launch a precision airstrike on one of six airfields in Syria last week that has resulted in many controversial opinions about the move by Trump from both the left and the right.

Constitutionally Speaking

Paul has taken the side of a constitutionalist, citing correctly that per the constitution, you must ask for congressional approval before taking any military action that results in force. In fact, Donald Trump himself ridiculed Obama in the past for not asking for the approval of Congress before taking military action overseas, as you can seen the tweet below.

Rand Paul also argues that President Trump ran his campaign on non-interventionism, promising his voter base that he would put America first and consistently ridiculed the previous administration for wasting money on wars overseas.  The 59 missiles that struck the Syrian airfield for instance, cost upwards of around $75 million dollars in total for just that one strike.  This money, in particular, could’ve fixed hundreds of VA hospitals or went towards some sort of infrastructure project within the country like a school.  Here is another tweet form Trump talking about the idiocy of the Obama administration for meddling in other countries affairs:

Rand Paul took to Fox News to debate about the strikes with Judge Jeanine.  Paul recently claimed that like 2013, we do not have clear undeniable proof that this in fact was even Assad who released the gas bombs.  Some scientists even say that it was phosgene gas and not sarin gas that was released because if it was sarin gas, first responders would’ve been dead upon first contact.  Prior to this interview, Paul and others have said that Assad has absolutely zero reason to release gas upon his own people for two reasons; Number one being because Rex Tillerson stated 10 days ago that Assad can stay in power, and number two, because  Assad was winning the war on ISIS in the region in partnership with Russia.

Some suggest that democrat Jared Kushner and his daughter Ivanka Trump have gotten to Trump and are clouding Trump’s judgment, causing him to do a 180 on his campaign promise of America first. The hashtag #FireKushner was trending on twitter on Saturday for this reason.

Judge Jeanine claims that this was a precision one-off strike to send a message to China and North Korea and she believes there will be no further strikes of any sort of ‘regime change,’ in the region in the near future. Here is the debate between Judge Jeanine and Rand paul.