Health Workers Die After Receiving COVID-19 mRNA Injection

TheWashingStandard reports that a Polish doctor has passed away after receiving the experimental COVID-19 mRNA injection. The doctor, who is seen in the video below, is said to be mocking Anti-Vaxxers before falling ill and passing away after the jab.

In another report posted by the wife of a doctor who had died shortly after receiving the experimental COVID-19 injection, Heidi Neckelmann claimed that her husband, Gregory “was a very healthy 56-year-old, loved by everyone in the community, delivered hundreds of healthy babies and worked tireless through the pandemic,”

She continued on to blame the COVID-19 injection for his untimely death.

Doctors, who are some of the first to receive the experimental COVID-19 injections, are as well some of the first to experience the adverse reactions from the injections, reactions that have included death.

All of this comes as Marriam-Webster dictionary quietly changed the definition of ‘vaccine’ to include the experimental mRNA COVID-19 injection, which is unlike any vaccine as it does not use the same components of traditional vaccines.