HBO Calls For Ending ‘Whiteness’ and ‘White Thoughts’ in New Skit

Under Attack!

Sarah Jeong, white Nurses in Australia being told that they have to now legally acknowledge they have privilege before treating patients of color, endless ‘whiteness’ classes in your Universities, professors saying having white children in ‘white supremacy’ and you must have mixed children to end whiteness, and now even white Brazilians now who are now speaking out about being told they have white privilege, white people across the world are under attack. ¬†This is now clear.

They see that white non hispanic Americans will be the minority in America within 25 years because of immigration and their playing their cards early.  They know that eventually Texas and every other state will go blue because of this and that these attacks will be combatted less and less as we become extinct in Europe and America.

And now this…

Another attack by HBO on white people with a segment about ‘white thoughts.