Confrontations Erupt At Robert E Lee Monument Amid Takedown Plans Set For Tomorrow

Erasing History

Confrontations between pro monument and anti monument citizens have erupted in front of Robert E Lee monument, amid plans to remove the statues Friday morning.  This is the last of the four monuments that have caused controversy in New Orleans ever since Mayor Mitch Landrieu announced his plans for removal.

Some skeptical of Landrieu’s claim of ‘racism,’ even though neither the confederate flag nor Robert E Lee represents anything racial, are all ‘optics.’ This popular allegation stem from reports that Landrieu is planning to sell these monuments to John Cummings, who owns an $8.6 million dollar slavery museum in Louisiana.  Cummings is expected to make much more than the estimated $600,000 that it took to take down the monuments.  This points money potentially being made by Landrieu and Cummings under-the-covers.