What Happened At The ‘Cancel Sarsour’ Event Will Make You Proud… Unless You’re A Traitor

Patriots Take On FGM & Jihad Proponent, Linda Sarsour

In April, Democrat Assemblyman, Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) unsuccessfully called on NY Governor, Andrew Cuomo to prevent Sarsour from giving this commencement speech arguing ‘Sarsour’s support for terrorism disqualifies her’.

Because this attempt was to no avail, around two hundred Trump supporters showed up to protest against the decision by CUNY to host Sarsour for the send off speech to students. Sarsour was recently gave a speech defending Jihad and female genital mutilation which has been making its round on the inter-webs. During this speech, she also daringly called the Islamic prophet Muhammad, a ‘feminist.’

One red-hat-toting Trump supporter weighed in on the outnumbering of the opposition in a liberal city like New York:

 “The movement is growing, people aren’t afraid to stand up anymore.  We are now refusing to stay the silent majority. This is a huge win for free speech and a huge difference from when Milo spoke in Berkeley last April.  This should make everyone proud.”

Speakers like Milo, Pamela Geller and others took to the stage in the rain in New York city to give their thoughts on the problems with Islam, sharia law and Sarsour herself.

Geller stood tall at the podium, calling out the atrocious hypocrisies of the left, including their quickness to call Donald Trump a ‘sexist,’ while completely ignoring, and in some cases advocating for very anti-woman islamic practices. Gellar at one point mentioned the two doctors from Michigan that were recently arrested for performing female genital mutilation on girls as young as six in Minnesota. FGM is a commonplace in the Islamic communities.

Milo Yiannopoulos took the stage next.  While still providing his typical politically incorrect jokes about current events, he took a different approach in his speech to the people.  He reiterated that he is a free speech advocate and said he wanted ‘the whole world to see Sarsour’s speech.’  He continued that if he could, he would broadcast it far and wide so that everyone can hear Sarour’s radical, anti-American and subversive rhetoric.

Milo also made sure to add a few punchlines in there of course, all while appropriately bashing the violent, anti woman, anti gay and anti freedom teachings of the Quran and the haddiths that the left so conveniently tends to ignore.

Although this event was planned before the egregious tragedy that occurred this week at Manchester Arena where twenty two children died during an Islamist jihadi attack, this gathering couldn’t have come at a better time.  With the attack still fresh in the minds and hearts of many of the attendees of the event, plenty of the Sarsour and Sharia critics had plenty to say.  If not with mouths, they expressed it with their pens.  One woman held up a sign that said ‘no clit nation,’ a reference to the procedure of female genital mutilation where the clitorus is essentially completely removed, leaving girls with no genital pleasure sensors.

Heat Street reporter, Will Hicks, stayed incognito within the ranks of the Antifa communists. Contrary to the belief of some, he’s not an Antifa plant.

Hicks told The Red Elephants “I was literally just standing there to get a better view. If I stood on the Milo side, I would have to stand one hundred feet back.”

Even though Hicks didn’t capture any brawls breaking out while risking his own well being from that vantage point, Hicks does say it was all worth it to get one picture.  That picture was of Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes, attempting to give a Pepsi to an NYPD officer.

For the most part, the event went off ‘without a hitch’ aside from one small scuffle where no arrests were made. Afterwards, proud boys, our Red Elephants contributor, Robert Hererra and freedom loving people alike, all gathered at a local bar for a victory lap and a round of laughs.