Hannity Fans Smashing Their Keurig Machines After The Company Drops Hannity

Keurig Kamikaze

The hashtag #BoycottKeurig was trending Sunday after outraged Sean Hannity fans learned that Keurig pulled ads from his Fox News show over his coverage of the sexual misconduct allegations levied at Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Hannity had Moore as a guest on his radio show and urged his listeners not to rush to judgement on Moore, as his accuser curiously has connections to the Clinton campaign.  Following these remarks, Keurig ‘rushed to judgment’ and pulled their ads from the Hannity show.

Well, Hannity fans took to twitter to show their support for the Fox host by posting videos of them smashing their Keurig machines and vowing to boycott the company.  Many of them urging everyone else to follow-suit with coming holiday season.

As we have seen with the NFL lately, boycotts work well when the boycott originates from true red-blooded Americans who love this country and don’t buy in to the mainstream media which is chock-full of ‘yellow journalists.’

The fact that Keurig decided to do this with the holiday season just around the corner is mind blowing.  Keurig caved to pressure by a few twitter accounts run by said yellow journalists after Hannity simply suggested his listeners let the investigation into Roy Moore play out.

Here are a few more hilarious videos of people smashing their Keurig machines.

If something like CTE couldn’t take down a monster like the NFL, but hardcore America-loving patriots could, a company like Keurig should be a easy take-down.  Especially since the company has been in the news before after dangerous mold and sludge was allegedly found in their machines by coffee drinkers who use the popular device.

Anyway, heres some more funny videos of Americans smashing stuff…


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