Hampshire College Was Flying Flags At Half Mast After Trump Won The Election

This is the epitome of militant leftist indoctrination on the overwhelming majority of college campuses across the US that Daniel Flynn talks about in his book “Why The Left Hates America.”

Flags on the campus of Hampshire College in Amherst were being flown at half mast after Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

They later decided to remove all flags all together on campus due to plant of backlash and because on Veterans Day, someone removed the flag and burned it.

“In the middle of the night, we have no idea who did it or even why,” said Lash.

“So that’s why they decided to take down the U.S. flag–and all flags–on campus.”

“The flag had become a heated symbol that was making that more difficult,” Lash said. “We really feel our community needs a conversation in which both sides listen to each other, and we wish the nation would have that kind of dialogue. We felt that if we could stop arguing about the symbol, we could get to the underlying issues.”

Of course, that decision has created even more backlash, and Lash said there “certainly is” a lot of anger about the decision.

Hampshire college on their Facebook page tried to “bandaid” what they did the best they could but failed miserably.