HALLOWEEN HORROR! Gunmen ‘in masks’ open fire with fully automatic weapons at London rave

Gunmen in Halloween masks opened fire on revellers with fully automatic weapons at rave in east London

Two people were injured when the thugs unleashed a hail of bullets at the ‘Money Move’ party in Leyton on Saturday night. Shocking footage shows party goers screaming in horror as the lights are switched on in the make-shift club after gunfire breaks out. A man, 41, was shot in the leg and a woman believed to be in her 20s suffered a gunshot injury to the chest in the attack, police said.

The gunmen, wearing clown, ghost and ghoul masks, hit a 41-year-old man in the leg while a woman in her 20s was shot in the chest. One clubber appears to return fire, with a handgun, video from the event shows.

A business owner, whose property was hit by a stray bullet, said: “It looked like it was a gangland execution gone wrong.” The shooting happened at the Money Move rave in Leyton, North East London.

One partygoer said: “There must have been at least four guns. It was terrifying. Everyone who had got out was just running but there were over 100 trapped inside. I turned and ran.

“They had blocked off the only road out of the rave with a car before, so not many got out.” Video from the scene shows the wounded man being helped by a woman using a belt as a tourniquet. As he urges her to tighten the white belt, she tells him: “Make no blood come out, you’re good man.”

The men wore masks of a clown, ghoul and ghost, similiar to the one pictured, to cover their faces