Hackers Downloaded Personal Information of Up to 8 Accounts, Including Direct Messages — Joe Biden, Barack Obama & Bill Gates Possibly Compromised

After a string of high profile Twitter accounts were hacked earlier this week in an apparent scheme to solicit donations in crypto currency from millions of users, social media giant Twitter confirmed that up to 8 of the compromised accounts have had their Twitter information stolen, this includes Direct Messages, information on location and other sensitive data.

Former President, Barack Obama, and former Vice President, Joe Biden, were among the accounts affected by the large-scale cyber attack.

The hackers took the additional step of using the “Your Twitter Data” tool, which allows users to download and save a copy of all of the data Twitter keeps on file including your location, advertiser information and personal “private” correspondence.

Although Twitter Support claims none of the accounts affected were verified, it has been widely speculated that many of the individual accounts to have their data stolen were prominent politicians and political figures.

Attackers could have simply opened up the direct messages of any of the accounts in their possession and record any of the data they pleased. The fact that Twitter claims none of the accounts to have their data archived were “Verified” means nothing to a hacker with their own archiving tools. Simple screenshots or video of Direct Messages are all one needs in this case.