The Guy Holding Up This Sign To Anti-Trump Protesters Is A God Damn American Hero

As the anti-Trump protests continue around the nation following the results of the 2016 Presidential Election, one man has apparently had enough. As you can see from the picture above, a large group of protesters stood in the streets with anti-Trump signs most notably the ones that say “this is not my president” and the upside down American flag.

This courageous  young gentlemen stood in front of them with a sign of his own, and he said what the other half of America wants so badly to say themselves.


“You’re all crybabies.”

How spectacular is that? With the election results less than a week old, before Donald Trump has even been sworn into office, protesters are apparently beside themselves and just can’t handle the news ….

Either that, or they’re being paid to be there. There are several rumors circulating the Internet that George Soros, the Black Live Matter activist, has reported bankrolled these protests.

In any case, the man with the crybabies sign seemingly won the night.

The second sign on the ground next to him reportedly said “Get Over It.”