Guns and WalkAway : What Liberals are Upset About on 7/17/2018


Sacha Baron Cohen has a new Character and Liberals are Loving it. Sarah Palin does not. SBC has a career of getting huge interviews with major people as fake characters, this is his latest, some “special forces military anti terrorism expert”:

This was on FOX News as well, the make of Bruno, Borat, and Ali G guy. A Satire character, out to poke fun at gun ownership. Well, it may be a new character, but to me he will always be Ali G, here interviewing the director of the FB-AYEE:

Sarah Palin feels embarassed, FOX news is outraged he pretends to be an injured veteran, liberals are outraged that GOP leaders want to train toddlers to use mortars and military ordnance, and I unironically agree with Sacha Baron Cohens newest Character.

There was a Roman Satirist named Juvenal, who, over a thousand years ago wrote, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your Country” and today, we agree with his joking snide remark as a piece of pure wisdom. In the same way, teaching kids to use military tactics and firearms is pure truth. I suspect a lot of kids who do school shootings end in suicide because the kids involved have fired at targets at gun ranges but never killed an animal for food. Until you have felt that connection with a living thing, like the priests of the old testament do in their blood sacrifices at passover, or the redneck tradition of drinking deer blood from your first kill, there is power in the blood.

Next is some Communist Vandalism

This is just funny. It’s actually better this way.


The Walkaway Movement, which picked up steam when Candace Owens came out as openly Republican IS APPARENTLY… THAT’S RIGHT: RUSSIAN BOTS


So Any person you see who is not white and a republican is actually a Russian Spy. Look out.


Last time I covered how Elon Musk was being revered by my socialist friends on Friday, and as of yesterday he was instantly thrown in the dumpster, either for tweeting and calling out a pedophile or for being found to be a major donater to Republican super PACs.

He has claimed he donates equally to both political parties, but that’s not good enough apparently.