Charles Mully has 15,000 Kids and That Is A Very Good Thing.

No, It Does Not Take a Village

It takes individuals. Charles Mully has spent the last week touring America for the screening of a film about his life, from an orphan on the streets at age 6 to… well, owning the buses on the streets, selling tires, and just about every other facet of the transport business.

There’s a whole amazing film about his life, and how he went from a father of 7 to about 300 over three days. Then the eleven thousand and change children he had after that. The story doesn’t have dragons, magic or comic book heroes, just real life. The film airs in select theaters Oct 3,4 and 5th.

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Even as a wealthy man, this caused strain on his finances. He makes a good point about why his entire child rescue situation has always striven to survive on free market self sustenance, rather than from NGO donations, “When you beg for money, you have to do things you don’t want to.”

Aside from raising 12,000 kids without relying on any sort of government subsidy(which arguably no parent in America does with even 3 kids) his wife has supported him by sticking by his side even when everyone around them told her he was crazy(this was between kids 3 and 300). She’s very happy to be there for him, and at the event I caught up with him, was happy to stand off to the side and relax. Neither of them seemed the least bit tired, but I guess when you think about how tired people get from their first kid, somewhere between child 6 and 10,000 you learn to just sorta tough it out.


But I know, what you are really wondering, why does he always seem to have a hat on? Don’t worry, TRE has your back, I asked him. Check it out:

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So go check out how a man goes from being just another Orphan on the street to wealthy businessman to Father of 12,000 through the transformative power of Jesus Christ.

We have poor and forgotten people here as well, and giving them a sense of purpose, teaching them job skills and the benefits of sweat a good day of honest work alongside a quality education matters the most. Both directors and the producer of his film lost their disinterested LA ways and put their faith in Christ as a result of working with Mully and witnessing the work he doe in his own life and you could do the same.