THE GLOVES ARE OFF! Trump To Press Ambassadors To Probe Clinton Foundation

In an apparent “payback” move for the Clinton Campaign joining in a recount effort and refusing to concede, a new report from the New York Post reported that Trump will ask his new ambassadors to aid in the probe of the Clinton foundation.

Ambassadors to select countries may be asked to coerce their governments to start an investigation into the relationships with the foundation.

As it stands, The Post reports that two countries targeted in particular, for now, are Haiti and Colombia.

WikiLeaks leaked emails show that entities with ties to Bill Clinton had been prioritized to receive federal funds in the wake of the Haitian earthquake, and a Colombian mining tycoon allegedly benefited from the foundation’s work there, the paper

Norway and Australia have already halted their relationships with the foundation in the wake of this years’ WikiLeaks revelations.

A source close to President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team told The Post that the new administration plans to pressure the US ambassadors it will name to bring up the foundation with foreign governments — and suggest they probe its ­financial dealings.

To the naked eye, this is clearly a reciprocation to Hillary announcing recently that she will be joining Jill Stein in recount efforts, essentially refusing to concede. This coming after Clinton publicly shamed President-elect Trump for saying he might not accept the election results.

It is well documented that the Clinton Foundation has received millions from dozens of foreign governments including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Netherlands, Canada, Sweden and Ireland.

Meanwhile Trump is taking to twitter to express his disgust in the Clinton campaign’s decision to renege on the concession.  This tells us that the gloves are off and we might see a prosecution yet.