Facebook Page ‘MediaTakeout’ Spreading Fake News Sparking Violent Anti Police Rhetoric

Very Fake News

Monster Facebook page ‘MediaTakeout,’ which has over 5 million followers, shared a video this week of a young man being arrested and detained by police.  The Facebook post states blatantly that the ‘black teen was being arrested simply for being in a white neighborhood.’  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  We had some investigative reporters call around Bellevue Washington, including the police department, after an anonymous lead was submitted.

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This video posted by MediaTakeout, has almost 5 million views and loads of comments that are anti-police, some comments even call for violence against police.  All based on extremely fake news.  The left media seems to always be pushing people to be on the lookout for fake news, well here we are.  We received an anonymous tip from a local that knows a lot about the situation, and we also have several calls into the responding sheriffs and police departments there. Here is what the source says:

“The teen’s name is Kendall Stewart.  He has a history of stealing cars. Within this year, he has stolen his friend’s parents’ cars. He has multiple GTA offenses. They had to call the police on him, but did not press charges. By this point he has already been warned about stealing cars. A few nights ago, I witnessed him at a grocery store called QFC, and he walked outside and there were cops there supposedly looking for him. He ran away at that point. They put on a full search out for him. I had access to a police radio that night and the department had a canine unit looking for him as well. He allegedly fled into a neighborhood nearby. Just recently this past week, he stole another man’s car. Cops found him at QFC, and the rest of what happened is in that video.

Here is the video that the ‘MediaTakeout,’ posted with the caption reading  ‘black teen was being arrested simply for being in a white neighborhood.’ As you can clearly hear, the one officer says “you’re under arrest for motor vehicle theft.”  And according to Bellevue police, this was not his first offense.  He also clearly attempts to resist arrest in this video.

We give the story by MediaTakeout 10 Pinocchios:  FAKE NEWS!