Georgia is Finished Forever if the GOP Doesn’t Act Now

On top of the blatant voter fraud that corrupt political machines pulled off, mass migration is another substantial form of vote rigging being imposed on the American population.

Everyone knows how important the Georgia Senate runoffs on January 5, 2021 will be. Should Democrats pull off victories in both races, they will possess a Senate majority while holding the presidency and the House. A Democrat trifecta makes the possibility of mass amnesty and other radical moves to dispossess Whites more likely.

Georgia used to be a safe Republican state, however the state’s demographics have changed its electoral prospects in the last few decades. According to Pew Research Center, Georgia’s ethnic diversity has politically transformed the Peach state, with black voters leading the way as the largest minority group in the electorate. This is largely due to the state’s historically substantial black minority population and a trend of reverse black migration where blacks from Northern states are moving back to the Sun Belt in droves.

Other ethnic groups such as Hispanic and Asian voters have contributed to the state’s diversifying electorate. According to the Pew Research Center, the number of black registered voters in Georgia rose by roughly 130,000 from October 11, 2016 to October 5, 2020. Georgia’s registered black voter growth represented the largest increase of all the racial and ethnic groups studied by Pew Research Center.

Since 2016, Georgia’s saw new registered voters increase by 520,000. Hispanic and White registered voters increased by around the same amount, around 95,000 each. In this period, Asian registered voters grew by 63,000

Further,about 76,000 new voters have been registered from the presidential election deadline of October 5 and the U.S. Senate runoff registration deadline on December 7. Only 46 percent of the newly registered voters identified themselves as white.

White registered voters are still the largest racial group of Georgians who are registered to vote. They make up 53 percent of registered voters in 2020, which is down from the 63 percent figure that represented the registered white vote during the 2008 election. Black registered voters make up 30 percent of Georgia’s registered voters.

Although Hispanic and Asian registered voters comprise a small percentage of voters in Georgia, their numbers have grown rapidly during the past decade. As of now, Hispanics make up 4 percent of registered voters and Asians comprise 3 percent of the registered voter base in Georgia. Putting this in perspective, both groups only made up 1 percent of registered voters in 2008. The number of registered voters who did not reveal their race rose from 4 percent to 9 percent during this period.

The Atlanta metro area has largely been the engine of Democrats’ newfound growth in the state. From 2016 to 2020, the 301,000 people were added to registered voter rolls. In addition, this increase amounted to a majority in the state’s increase (58 percent) of registered voters. In sum, the Atlanta metro area’s 3.9 million registered voters make up for 54 percent of Georgia’s registered voters in 2020.

The Atlanta area had an impressive turnout rate (70 percent) among registered voters, which propelled Biden to victory. One of the most significant stories in Georgia,apart from the voting irregularities that took place in the state, was the swing in support that Joe Biden received in the Atlanta area’s traditionally Republican suburban areas.

The Pew report detailed the level of registered voter growth in Atlanta’s counties:

All 16 central counties in the metro saw higher numbers of registered voters in 2020 than in 2016. Growth was greatest in Forsyth, Paulding and Cherokee counties, where voter registration numbers rose by 18%, 17% and 16% respectively over 2016. Gwinnett County, one of the metro’s most populated, also saw significant growth. It recorded 54,000 more registered voters in 2020 than in 2016 – a 10% increase.

On top of that, the same report broke down the growth in the non-black minority population:

The number of Hispanic and Asian registered voters also increased significantly, especially relative to their population size in the metro area. There were 60% more Hispanic registered voters in 2020 compared with 2016, up from 106,000 to 170,000. The number of Asian registered voters in the Atlanta area grew by 55% over the same period, from 99,000 to 152,000. Growth among Hispanic and Asian registered voters was especially notable in Gwinnett county. As a share of the county’s electorate, Hispanics and Asians saw both their shares increase by 3 percentage points, to 9% and 10%.

A Pew report from 2016 indicated that Georgia has roughly 400,000 illegal aliens living in the state. Should these illegals receive an amnesty and get a pathway to citizenship, Georgia will become even bluer. It’s based on simple trends of immigrants and their posterity bloc voting hard for the Democratic Party.

Again, we have to ask: Will the GOP get a clue and actually push for an immigration moratorium?

With Biden being installed as president (thanks to the GOP not fighting against clear cases of voter fraud), America will be at a crossroads. The passage of an amnesty would transform the country into a multicultural cesspool, completely alien from the very principles that made it the prosperous society in human history.

We need fighters, not conformists in these trying times that will define the future of the nation. The current crop of GOP leaders simply won’t cut it.