Georgia Lt Governor Says He Will Kill Tax Benefits For Delta Unless They Reinstate Relationship With NRA

Not Going Quietly Into The Night

Georgias Lt Governor, Casey Cagle stated on Monday that he would kill any tax legislation that benefits Delta unless the company decides to reinstate their relationship with the NRA.  He said that corporations can not continue to attack conservatives and expect us not to fight back.

This comes after several companies decided to sever ties with the NRA, and also after the group gained several thousand new members one the past week.

Here Are The Companies that have cut ties with the NRA and why you should join


Thursday, February 22

The First National Bank of Omaha said it will stop issuing an NRA-branded Visa card. A bank spokesperson said “customer feedback” prompted a review of its partnership with the NRA, and it chose not to renew its current contract.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent a Car and National Car Rental, which are all owned by Enterprise Holdings, announced the brands would stop offering NRA membership discounts on March 26.

Friday, February 23

Symantec (SYMC), which makes the Norton anti-virus software and owns the identity theft protection company LifeLock, announced it “has stopped its discount program” with the NRA.

Hertz (HTZ) made its announcement in a tweet. “We have notified the NRA that we are ending the NRA’s rental car discount program with Hertz,” the company said.

MetLife (MET) said it will stop offering NRA member discounts for home and auto insurance policies.

SimpliSafe, which makes home security systems, “discontinued our existing relationship with the NRA,” CEO Chad Laurans said in a statement.

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Avis and Budget Rent a Car, which are owned by Avis Budget Group (CAR), said through a spokesperson that the brands will stop offering discounts on car rentals to NRA members beginning March 26.

Allied and North American, two moving-van lines that are both owned by Sirva, said that the brands “no longer have an affiliate relationship with the NRA effective immediately.”

TrueCar (TRUE), a car buying service, said late Friday that it would end its deal with the NRA as of February 28.

Saturday, February 24

Delta Air Lines (DAL) announced Saturday morning that it’s ending discounted rates for NRA members. “We will be requesting that the NRA remove our information from their website,” the company said in a tweet.

United Airlines (UAL) followed a short time later, saying the company will no longer offer discounts on flights to the NRA annual meeting.

Paramount RX works with a third-party vendor to provide a prescription drug discount program to NRA members, but the company said in a tweet Saturday that it is “working with that vendor to discontinue the program and remove the offering.”

Starkey, a company that makes hearing aids, announced Saturday evening that it has decided “not to renew our discount program with the NRA” and asked the organization to “remove our information from their website.”

Why You Should Join

The truth of the matter is that only 6 of the past 96 mass shootings involved an AR-15.  Even in this Mother Jones article which outlined these mass shootings and the weapons used admits this. All rifles, including the AR-15 kill 379 people per year while knives kill 1,600 – Blunt Objects kill 472 – and medical malpractice kill 250,00.  There was also already a ban on the AR-15 from 1994 to 2004 and still 16 mass shootings happened including Columbine.  Almost every single person at that town hall blamed the NRA and the AR-15 for the recent school shooting in Parkland Florida.  But it was really the fault of the police who were warned multiple times, the FBI who were warned multiple times and the Sheriff’s deputies who were too cowardly to even go into the school while kids were getting shot.

With all that being said, the hundreds of thousands of people calling for a ban on the AR-15 are either really low IQ, or secretly just want to ban ALL firearms and repeal the second amendment.  Im going to go with the latter but also say that they are low IQ.  This is why you should join the NRA now.  Sign up for 2 years, it is well worth it!