Gene Black And Monument Supporter Stand Off In New Orleans

If you have insomnia like I do, and you were stupid enough to watch the four hour live stream we posted last night at 11pm, then you probably saw the scuffles that occurred in New Orleans.

One of the men involved in the scuffle, was the now internet famous Gene Black and a monument supporter that was much, much bigger than Black.  As you can see in this video, Black quickly backed down.  He also backed down every time he was confronted throughout the live stream.

Black was seen throughout the night with glasses and a snare drum.  At one point Black poked a prominent monument supporter of indian descent, named ‘Kay-Kay,’ with one of his drum sticks and was pushed to the ground immediately and maced.  Kay Kay can be seen in many of the famous photos taken over the past few months at the monuments with his infamous tie-dyed shirt and AK-47 rifle in hands.


At one point during the night, a woman grabbed one of the moment supporters American flags, ripping it off his flag pole and ran away from Lee circle, hopping into her car, in attempts to get away.  The monument supporters quickly swarmed her vehicle, demanding it be returned, not allowing her to leave until it was.  The police eventually came and ordered the woman to return the flag, allowing her to freely leave afterwards.

Lee is set to be removed during the day time on Friday.  This will be the last of the four monuments removed in a quasi-book burning fashion under the Landrieu regime.  Mitch Lanrieu, the mayor of New Orleans, has only a few more months left in office, however he is making it remembered but not revered within the last few lame duck waining days.. Landrieu is said to be planning on selling off the monuments to John Cummings,  who owns an $8.5 million dollar slavery museum in New Orleans.  Some say his claim of ‘racism’ for reasoning of taking down the monuments, is just an optical coverup for a much more nefarious reason. This theory seems to fall in line for two reasons;

Number one, monuments like Robert E Lee had nothing to do with slavery, and number two, the money involved could be a huge sum.

The video below went viral on Tuesday on Facebook when a gate was left over to the junk/storage yard where many citizens of New Orleans said they saw the Jefferson Davis monument.  A news crew decided to check it out, and what they found was pretty interesting.