The Gender Pay Gap Is Still A Myth, You Can Stop Marching Now

The False ‘Patriarchy”

Hundreds of thousands of women gathered to march in cities around the world today, in protest of President Donald Trump’s win of the election and inauguration yesterday… Oh yeah, and because of the patriarchy.

dunham-ejo-012117_2108de468c0d089cd31294922ff6588a.nbcnews-ux-600-700From signs with print that read “Human rights = equal women’s rights,”‘ to “Men = Women,” the protesters are exercising their 1st amendment right, marching for what they think is right, but they’re misguided at the very least, and ‘misinformed’ is an understatement.

Many including Obama himself in 2009, have spread the false claim that women are paid .70 cents on the dollar compared to men, and even the left leaning fact checking site Politifact labeled his statement as “mostly false.”

Im not even going to get into the signs at the march that read “Trump will cause world war three,” or “Trump promotes war,” because we all know that Hillary would’ve far surpassed Obama’s record of 100,000 plus, bombs dropped on foreign countries, killing several thousand innocent women and children…  Or at least the intelligent ones know this already.images-1

So lets just talk about the ‘patriarchy” in financial terms. There are many reasons why the myth of the ‘wage gap,’ sneaks into the feminists’ favorite choice of marching rhetoric.  Year after year, economists have to explain to pay gap fanatics, that the gap, has nothing to do with sexism and discrimination, and that there are bigger factors at play.


One of the most obvious reasons why an earnings gap is spotted in the modern feminists’ rhetoric, is because many women leave the workforce temporarily to have children. “Anything that leads you to want to have more time is going to be a large factor,” says Harvard economist Claudia Goldin.

Women who get are surprised with a pregnancy or choose to have children and take time off work can suffer a significant hit in earning compared to their male peers. “But we also see large differences in where they are, in their job titles, and a lot of that occurs a year or two after a kid is born, and it occurs for women and not for men,” Goldin adds. “If anything, men tend to work somewhat harder.”

A study from the University of Massachusetts found that for each child a woman has their earnings decrease by 4 percent.

Career Decision:

A Department of Labor study released in 2009, which reviewed upwards of 50 peer-reviewed papers, concluded the wage gap “may be almost entirely the result of individual choices being made by both male and female workers.”

“Women, more than men, show a demonstrated preference for lower risk occupations with greater workplace safety and comfort, and they are frequently willing to accept lower wages for the greater safety and reduced probability of work-related injury or death,” Perry argues.

The Hours Gap

One of the reasons why men as a whole earn more, on average than women, is that men work more hours than women. According to Mark Perry, economist and scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, the average man working full-time worked almost two more hours per week in 2014.

In the same year, women in full-time work were found to be two and a half times more likely to have shorter workweeks of 35 to 39 hours per week, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.