Gay Trump Supporter Beaten Unconscious After Pulling Out Trump Lighter

Scott Sauter, a gay Trump supporter was beaten halfway to death and unconscious on his way home from a comedy club when he pulled out a lighter with Trump’s face on it to light his cigarette.  Sauter tells his story to the Gateway Pundit…

From The Gateway Pundit: We’ve seen the pictures, what happened:

Scott Sauter: I lit up a cigarette and pulled out my lighter which has a picture of Donald Trump on it, and a man approached me after noticing the lighter. He said ‘You’re in Austin and you are actually pulling a Donald Trump Lighter?! You don’t think that’s a big deal?’ I told him that I support our president. That’s when things got crazy. He verbally started getting aggressive. He started swearing, telling me that Austin is mostly Hispanic. It escalated from there, he stole my lighter and then he started beating the living sh*t out of me.

Pundit reporter: You didn’t throw the first punch or anything, this man attacked you just for supporting the President?

Scott: I wasn’t being aggressive at all. He grabbed my lighter, took it from me and then he started berating me. I told him that I support our president and I believe in his policies. That’s when he started hitting me.

Pundit reporter: What did this man look like?

Scott: It was an African American man… the police came when I was on the ground knocked unconscious. My head was busted open. I couldn’t find my glasses. I could barely speak because my mouth was so swollen. I had to just get back to my apartment. That’s what you get for being a gay conservative.

Pundit reporter: That’s a nightmare. Have you heard any more about their investigation?

Scott: So far it’s all pending. They aren’t sure if it’s a hate crime.

Pundit reporter: I’d go so far as to say that its a double hate crime. Not only are you gay – which I know is liberal identity politics – but more importantly you’re conservative. And right now hate crimes against conservatives are on the rise. Did he take anything?

Scott: Just my trump lighter, and my glasses. He didn’t mug me if that’s what you’re asking.

The left has had the same story for decades and decades.  Anyone who disagrees with them, they proceed to call them Hitler.  They have done it with every single conservative President and cabinet pick without fail, dating back decades.

It’s not surprising that liberals don’t see the irony here.  Not surprising, because there have been countless  studies like this one that show that liberals are less likely to be as successful as their conservative counterparts, and studies like this one that show the left is generally less  intelligent than conservatives as well.

The irony is, that left call themselves anti-hate, anti-fascist and pro- freedom., however this only flies with the left if someone’s viewpoint coincides with their own.  If not, they’ll likely beat you to a bloody pulp like Sauter and hundreds others just in 2016 alone, or militantly force you to follow their beliefs. Sounds kind of like the opposite belief, book burning nazis that took direction under Hitler to burn all literature opposing him  doesn’t it?

The truth is the left has ben doing this forever.  You can see here:

Then of course you have the fascist liberals, in the truest sense of the word, that attack the black Trump supporters or black and hispanic  conservatives, calling them “uncle toms,” or house n*ggas.  Which is one of the most racists things I have ever heard, however in their minds, they aren’t being racist and can say whatever they’d like because they’re “liberals,” and can’t be racist right? Wrong.  Most of them are either incognito true racists or just brainwashed and going with the flow.  Here is the conservative, black SCOTUS judge, Clarence Thomas addressing this issue, calling the left the true “lynchers.”


Here are some examples of the pure love, tolerance and true liberal heart they showed Sauter on that day. These examples will show you without a shadow of a doubt that the left really does believe in their “love Trumps hate,” theme…

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