Gay Reverend Who met with Obama at White House Claims Jesus Christ is a Racist

Progressive liberalism is a neo-religious psychological disorder maliciously designed by the elites to inflict social disorder by contradicting all moral teachings & traditions of the past and replace them with a new foundation of modernist dogma.

To say Jesus sinned would contradict every teaching of Christianity there is, but considering “woke” anti-racism is the new religion of our times, we shouldn’t be surprised that progressives, the same people destroying churches and defacing christian monuments, would eventually set their sights on Jesus Christ.

The individual, who claims himself to be a reverend, is verified on Twitter and has pronouns (identifiers homosexuals use to exhibit their preferred sexual habits) in his bio.


Brandon, the ‘reverend’ in question, is in fact a self proclaimed homosexual. In 2016 he wrote a piece for the failing HuffPost about being a gay Christian and attending the ‘pride’ parade.

The ‘reverend’ has been arguing with Christians over his labeling of Jesus as racist.

Upon further examination, I would appear that former president, Barack Hussain Obama, brought this ‘reverend’ to the White House, more than once.