FULL VIDEO: Media Edited Ahmaud Arbery Police Cam Footage — Full Version Shows Ahmaud Arbery Aggression Towards Police

The Guardian released an altered, shortened version of a 2017 confrontation between Ahmaud Arbery and Georgia police officers where Ahmaud Arbery is clearly seen acting aggressively and belligerently towards an officer, causing the officer to call for backup, after which a taser is pulled to subdue Arbery.


The Guardian titled their edited version of the police footage “Police fail in attempt to tase Ahmaud Arbery during 2017 incident”, ignoring Arbery’s aggressive behavior, which caused the police to pull out their tasers.

The description to the video released on The Guardian’s Youtube page reads as follows:

Police attempted to use a Taser on Ahmaud Arbery, the slain Georgia jogger, after questioning why he was sitting alone in his car in a park one morning in November 2017, according to records and a police video obtained by the Guardian. The video comes to light as law enforcement in the area faces scrutiny after Arbery was shot dead by two white men while out for a run in February. Police did not initially arrest Gregory and Travis McMichael, who chased down and killed the unarmed Arbery, and a prosecutor assigned to the case wrote a lengthy memo explaining why the killing was legally justified. In a joint statement to the Guardian, lawyers working for the Arbery family described the video as a clear depiction of ‘a situation where Ahmaud was harassed by Glynn county police officers’.


Not only did The Guardian edit the footage, omitting Arbery’s aggression, but the media outlet turned off the comments section so no-one would be able to call them out for their clearly edited version of the incident.

The media in the United States are professional liars. Why they would release the edited footage without showing the aggression of the suspect is up for debate. It is safe to assume the narrative the media is attempting to push with regard to the Arbery case doesn’t properly align with the reality of the footage, otherwise they wouldn’t have had to edit it at all.