Frankie Macdonald Predicted Major Snow in Texas One Week After Accurately Predicting Major Earthquake in Japan — When Will the People Start Listening?

Frankie Macdonalds has come a long way since he started doing amateur weather predictions on his youtube page over one decade ago. For some, Frankie Macdonald offers comedic relief online, but as time goes on, it is becoming apparent that we can no longer ignore his deadly accurate predictions.

Frankie Macdonald had posted a weather prediction for Houston Texas on February 11th stating that “very cold weather” was heading towards the area that would bring “freezing rain” and “lots of snow”. Many brushed off the grim prediction as impossible. Four days later, the state of Texas declared an emergency.

This isn’t the only time Frankie Macdonald has successfully predicted catastrophic weather events. Frankie Macdonald was recently mocked for predicting that a major earthquake was due in Japan. Some even called for the weatherman to be banned from social media. 


Only a few days later, and Frankie Macdonald’s prediction came true, as a 7.3 earthquake rocked Japan, damaging buildings, and injuring many. 

Frankie Macdonald has been right before, in 2018 the weatherman had predicted a major blizzard just days before it had slammed multiple cities.

Back in 2016, Frankie Macdonald had predicted a major earthquake to hit New Zealand just days before the country was slammed by the major earthquake. 

Frankie Macdonald has been right before, and he will be right again. You ignore the talented weatherman at your own peril. But let it be known, if Frankie Macdonald is telling you to be prepared, and you do ignore his warnings, you will only have your self to blame.