FLASHBACK! – Maxine Waters In 1994 Calling Bill Clinton’s Impeachment A ‘Coup By Republicans With No Evidence’

Crazy Aunt Maxine Is Back On The Juice Again

By now you have probably seen video after video of Maxine Waters literally calling for the impeachment of Donald Trump.  She also went on MSNBC today and stated that her proof for collusion with Russia was that Trump and Putin came up with strategies together, like phrases such as ‘lock her up,’ and ‘crooked Hillary.’ By the way, this is not a joke, Waters literally went on MSNBC and said this.

Now, a new (old) video of Maxine Waters has resurfaced from back in 1994. It shows Waters talking against impeachment all together.  When it has to do with a democrat of course.  She says in this video, that the impeachment of Bill Clinton is just a ‘coup’ by Republicans, who haven’t the slightest bit of actual evidence.

Man these hypocrisy videos just make themselves.