FIGHTS BREAK OUT As Trump Supporters Crash White Privilege Seminar

White Privilege Seminar Disrupted By Protesters

SANTA MONICA – Fights, arguments and plenty of shoving broke out as Trump supporters descended on a white privilege seminar on Sunday.  This seminar is held monthly in Santa Monica, California, and many others like it are held all across America.

The previous month, Trump supporters showed up with only a few, some wearing masks, but was mostly peaceful protest against the anti-white rhetoric that the Wiesenthal center and CRJ is thrusting upon community teachers, educators and parents in America.

This time not so much.

As Trump supporters arrived they were immediately greeted by vulgar slurs and threats from the committees hired pro-bono security force made up of mostly ex-gang bangers and black nationalists that reside in the area.  Following a few arguments, the Trump supporters made their way to the entranceway to make the 6:00pm publicly posted start time.

Even though a select few of the Trump supporters were there before any of the other attendees, they were still not permitted access to the committee’s ‘pre-meeting,’ which is also supposedly public and paid for by the city’s taxpayers. They were denied and told to come back at 6:30.

More arguments outside the hall broke out until a couple of inevitable fights broke out and police had to intervene, tackling a couple of males, one on each side, and eventually letting one of them go, a Trump supporter who was simply defending himself.

As 6:30 rolled around the group protesting against the seminar made their way to the door again to make good on the offer by committee members that they would be allowed in at that time.  They were told that they were at capacity and a large brawl of pushing, shoving and smashing occurred at the entryway.  One female was getting crushed by the door until she was eventually pulled out over a trash bin and made her way to safety.

More fights, more arguments and then the eventual banging on the windows and doors by protesters occurred which appeared to be primitive at the time but after seeing footage from inside the hall was effective.

The protesters finally made their way into the foyer of the hall attempting to make it into the actual meeting which was claimed to be at max capacity when yet another ‘door-fight’ broke out along with violent pushing and shoving.  Eventually the conference attendees were successful in forming a wall of white police officers around them while talking about how white police officers are inherently racist inside the meeting.

This was the most ironic part of the day indeed.