FedEx Finally Responds To Driver Saving Flag

Hail To The Chief

We had to sit back and watch this for over a year now.  We had to bite our tongue watching the vicious protests, the vile feminists blocking people on freeways, the intolerant liberals rioting in the streets and burning cars, buildings and beating people in the streets.

Then we had to shake our collective heads in shame, while we saw video after video of teacher shunning or downgrading students because they supported Trump, even berating them in front of the class.  We had to bear tears in our patriotic, America loving eyes, while we watched 20 something year old dance around a quasi bonfire of old glories, as they shouted communistic remarks.

We sat around watching these things happen, some of us, just filled with emotion and rage, others of us wishing that we would have been there so that they could do something about it and stop them.

This day came for one man.  Matt Uhrin, a Fedex driver stumbled upon a few of the aforementioned commies burning up the American flag.  He quickly intervened.


After the first few videos online went viral, thousands, possibly millions took to the internet tweeting and tagging FedEx in their calls for a raise or not to fire the FedEx driver. Fedex finally responded to the call of the people in a very generalized tweet they released today:

We will see as the days pass if in fact this is true and they will not terminate the employment of Uhrin.  Even better, maybe his superior is an America loving patriot and they give him a raise.