Far-Left Jared Holt Attacks Hoteps With Racist Tweet

Jared Holt of the far-left organization Right Wing Watch has set his sights on black conservatives as he continues his stalking campaign of famed conservative personality Baked Alaska.

The Hoteps (a black conservative group) hosted a livestream where they invited Baked Alaska on as a guest after which holt tweeted out “Hello darkness my old friend” seemingly referring to the black ‘Hotep’ conservatives.

Archive link to Jared Holt tweet in question

Black conservatives responded to Jared Holt’s tweet saying “This is straight up racist”

Holt took to attacking the individuals with the racial language after deleting his original attack, seemingly after finding out A-list celebrity, “the Bear Jew” from Inglorious Bastards (Eli Roth) had been watching the hoteps stream and even donating money to support the show.

Many left-wing publication have gained prominence by labeling conservatives as “racists”, ignoring the fact that the individuals in question are friends with and supported by people of all races and backgrounds.