FACT CHECK: Don Lemon’s Statement Deemed False, and He’s Hiding Who The REAL Violent Group in America Is


Don Lemon recently appeared on CNN and stated that white men are the biggest threat to this country right now.  Now I’m going to go through the actual numbers and show you the statistics they are hiding from their viewers, but I want you to first take a listen to this clip because it seems that this is quickly becoming the standard talking point amongst the mainstream media, Hollywood, and your children’s schools.

So now that we got that out of the way, let’s go ahead and show you the actual numbers that no mainstream outlet would ever even dare to show mention to you.  Not Don Lemon, not CNN, not fox news, you will never see this or hear this form any of these outlets.


Lets start with mass shootings.  The government in 2013 under Barack Obama definitively defined a mass shooting as 3 or more people killed.  Now, Mother Jones is a mainstream left leaning news source, however they have been collecting a very intricate and detailed database of these mass shootings based on the government’s definition.  Their database goes all the way back to 1982, right around the time that these mass shooting really started occurring.

But if you look through this database, and tally up the numbers, you will find that there have been a total of 106 mass shootings since 1982 based on the government’s definition of a mass shooting. Now if you go further and separate them by race, you will find that the total number of white shooters, who were not Hispanic, is 60 out of the total of 106.

You will also see that black shooters made up 16 of the total 106 mass shooting.  And 11, were Hispanic / latino shooters.

If you are familiar with the demographical composition of the country, you will know that white non Hispanics make up around 62% of the total population of the country, this is down from around 90% in 1950, and Black Americans make up 13% of the population. So to prove Don Lemon’s point, at least in this category of mass shootings, then whites would have to be overrepresented compared to their total population in mass shootings.

If there were 106 mass shootings since 1982, and 62% of the population is white, then this would mean that just to be even with their population, whites would have had to commit at least 66 of the total 106 mass shootings.  To be overrepresented compared to their total population, whites would have had to commit at least 67 of the total 106 mass shootings.  They didn’t.  Whites only made up 60 of the 106, and this means that whites are actually underrepresented in mass shootings. The only racial category that is actually overrepresented compared to their total population in mass shootings is Black Americans.  Black Americans make up 13% of the total population in America and just to be even with the total population of America, blacks would have had to commit 14 of the total 106 mass shootings.  To be overrepresented, they would have had to commit 15.  According to this database, and many other databases, they actually committed 16, meaning blacks are the only racial category overrepresented in mass shootings.

Now we’re going to get into the other categories here as well, but the kicker here is not just that you are lied to on a constant basis to push an anti-white narrative, as you are being slowly replaced in America and Europe. The real hook here is that it’s that these mass shooting numbers don’t even include drive by and gang shootings, many of which definitely end up with 3 or more dead but there is no government statistic available for these numbers unfortunately.  We do know,  from looking at FBI crime statistics though, that out of the 32,000 gangs we have here in this country, which by the way is more than any other developed country in the world by far, that there really aren’t many that are white.  Only a very small few.  The races/ethnicities that commit the shootings and drive by shootings are mostly black and Hispanic, I mean we’re talking over 90% here.  And we also know that most shootings in general, and most of the 11,000 or so intentional murders by gun every single year, are perpetrated by black Americans, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for Don Lemon to tell you that.


Now I don’t think that Don Lemon was talking about white males being the major perpetrator in grooming gangs, no that is mostly Pakistanis and arabs, and the people in the UK can certainly vouch for that.

I don’t think he was talking about dudes ramming Christmas markets or mowing people down with truck and cars, no that is not white people either.

I also don’t think he was talking about white people being the cause for London, where guns are illegal by the way, surpassing the murder rate of New York city.  No, that is mostly because of black teens in gangs stabbing eachother with knives that London is trying to ban next.

So let’s get into crime in general in America.

For this we will head over to the FBI’s website, straight to table 21a.

Let’s start with murder.

There was a total of 9,374 murder convictions in 2016.

For whites to be over 62%, overrepresented compared to their population, in these murder convictions, they would have had to commit at least 5,812.

Well, these FBI numbers show only 4,192.  And guess what… that 4,192 number also includes Hispanics.  So we scroll over, take out the 1,374 that were Hispanic, and not only do whites not even come close to the 5,812 number which would make them an even representation of their population in America in murder, but they only made up 2,818 of the total 9,374 murders in 2016.  This is less than half of their representation in America.

The overrepresented demographic here in murders in Black Americans.  And it’s massive.

Black Americans make up only 13% of the total population in America, and just to be even with their representation, they would have had to commit 1,218 of the 9,374 murders.  Well, it’s much more than that.  Black Americans committed 4,935 of the 9,374 total murders.  This number makes up 53% of all of the murders in 2016.

Now you could say that 13% of our population commits over 50% of all murders in this country, and over 80% of all shootings that end in death, but even that would be dishonest because it’s almost solely males in race that commit most crime, so the real statistic that sticks out like a sore thumb is this.  Black males aged 18 to 35, which only make up about 4% of the total population, make up over 50% of all murders every single year, and over 80% of all shootings that end in death.  Yes, only 4% of the entire population.  So is it really white people who are the real threat to America Don Lemon?

Now let’s get into rape.  The only thing we hear nowadays from feminists, Hollywood, and the media is white men are the cause for rape culture.  We heard about this relentlessly from our media after the whole Kavanaugh debacle.

But is this actually true?

According to the FBI, there were a total of 18,606 rape convictions in 2016.

And once again just for whites to be even with their 62% population in America, whites would have had to commit at least 11,536 of these rapes.  Looking at these numbers we see whites are tallied up at 12,571 of the total 18,606 rape convictions in 2016.  Did we find our first and only overrepresentation of whites?  Oh wait, lets scroll over and take out the 3,758 of those that were actually Hispanic, and I guess not.  This leaves us with 8,813 of the total 18,606 rape convictions in 2016.

The only racial categories for rape here that are overrepresented compared to their population are Hispanics and blacks.  Black Americans which make up 13% of the population commit over 30% of all of the rape.  Almost 1/3 of all rapes.  And Hispanics which only make up 18% of the population cause over 20% of all of the 18,606 rape convictions in 2016.  Almost 1/4 – White rape culture BTFO’D.

Now I’m not going to go through all these numbers here, but just in a per capita calculation, you will see that robbery, rape, aggravated assault, weapons charges, motor vehicle theft, and actually all violent crime in general, really isn’t showing this dangerous white male narrative that Don Lemon and your university professors are pushing.

Now you may be starting to see why the safest states in America per person are places like Vermont, Idaho, Maine, New Hampshire, etc.  Even though most of these states have almost no gun laws and even permit-less conceal carry.  You may also be starting to see why the safest countries to live in the world are places like New Zealand, Denmark, Switzerland, Canada, etc.  Not because of gun laws as you can see with states like Vermont and maine, and countries like Switzerland.  But really because they don’t have even close to the 33,000 gangs we have here and theyre are homogenous monoracial countries and states.