Facebook, YouTube Removing Any And All Posts About Witness David Hogg And Emma Gonzalez – Twitter Lockout

Silence Citizen, You must Obey or Be Purged

Step 1: The Purge From Twitter

On Tuesday, thousands of conservative twitter accounts had thousands of their followers slashed by twitter.  The hashtag #TwitterLockout reached top 3 in the trending list as those same accounts were also locked out of their accounts pending a phone number request while their followers were being purged by twitter. All of this came with absolutely zero response from twitter except for 4 consecutive tweets about the movie The Black Panther and how ‘great’ it is.

Step #2: The YouTube Purge

Every video from any alt-media account regarding witness David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez is being deleted by youtube.  This includes any content containing alternative theories about their intentions, criticism of their statements on media platforms or just merely discussing remarks made by Hogg and Gonzalez.

Even some live streams created by some accounts that were merely calmly questioning rhetoric by Hogg and Gonzalez, are receive strikes against their accounts for “bullying and harassment” in YouTube’s words.  One such occurrence was a six month old channel called “Revenge of the Cis” which just returned from a ninety day YouTube ban last week, only to receive another ban for criticizing the rhetoric of the two now famous survivors. These accounts are also being dished out a ban from live streaming for 90 days.  Some are even getting their entire account shut down.

A source has told The Red Elephants that there are emails being sent in correlation with the ADL, CNN, and Google who are allegedly coordinating this multi-platform wipe-down of conservative and alt-media accounts. This order to remove all posts from YouTube and Facebook is seemingly being followed through on.

As you can see multiple videos are slowly being scrubbed from the Youtube platform.  It is important to note that Google, Twitter and Facebook all supported ‘net neutrality’ saying they wanted to keep a fair and open internet.

Well. This doesn’t seem ‘fair’ considering it is only right-wing conservative accounts on all three of these platforms that it is happening to.  Regardless of how you feel about conspiracy theories or ‘Russian bots’ which seems to be the newest 2018 term, this is certainly not bullying or harassment considering the fact that both Hogg and Gonzalez are now public figures.  Unless of course you mean bullying by the legacy media to take down such content.

Step 3: The Facebook Guillotine 

The Red Elephants posted a screenshot of one of the videos regarding David Hogg being seen on a CBS segment in California last year on their Facebook page of over 300,00 followers.  It received three thousand shares within 21 minutes before being removed by Facebook. No warning.  No update. No email.  Nothing regarding the removal of the post was brought to our attention by Facebook.  This occurrence was mirrored across thousands of accounts all over the platform.



The Hypothesis

A reliable source has told The Red Elephants that a mass coordinated purge happening across the three big media platforms is underway and that this is not a coincidence.  According to the source, CNN, Twitter, Facebook, the ADL and Google are all working together on this massive attack against alt-media accounts.

Brian Stelter’s tweet regarding this makes this even more fishy…