Facebook Bans Admins of Conservative Page For ‘Racism’ After One of Them Said “F*ck Antifa”

To Facebook, Antifa is a ‘Race, Ethnicity or Religion’

Several admins of Conservative News Outlet “The Red Elephants” woke up today to find themselves all banned from posting for 30 days after Facebook removed a post one of the admins made 9 months ago on the page.

The post was about one of the tee-shirts they sell that has “F*ck Antifa” printed on the front of the shirt.  The Post said “F*ck Antifa, join us in the fight to stop Antifa and stand up for conservatives everywhere.” The picture of the shirt was added to the post.

On Monday at around 4am Pacific Time, Facebook removed the post citing that it was “attacking someone’s race or ethnicity.”

Luckily two of the admins had never been banned before and could still post to the page.  One of them posted about the occurrence: