Eyewitness: “My Neighbor Shot The Guy, If It Wasn’t For Him, He Wouldn’t Have Stopped”

‘Good Guy With A Gun’

We have all heard the saying, “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.”  This couldn’t have rang truer in the case of the shooting in Sutherland Springs Texas.

The eyewitness to the shooting says that it was his neighbor in this case that was armed and shot the gunman before he could shoot more people.  The witness says that “if it wasn’t for him, he wouldn’t have stopped.”


Eye witness tells the reporter that it was his neighbor who shot the attacker using a concealed carry firearm before the shooter could kill more people…

Posted by The Red Elephants on Sunday, November 5, 2017

After the hero shot at Kelley reportedly chasing him from the church, another man, Johnny Langen joined in pursuit of Kelley down the freeway.  Langen was also armed and the two caught up to Kelley and had their rifles drawn on the gunman until police arrived.

Langen recounts his story with ABC here:

Leftists Immediately Politicize

And then of course we have the disgusting left who immediately, within just hours of the shooting, politicizing the shooting.  This was the case especially with seemingly the new Hollywood spokesperson for the left, Chelsea Handler.  Who immediately blamed republicans for the shooting in her tweet that came right after the news about the shooting came out.

Our Response

Of course, we were disgusted with this heartless lack of respect and had to respond.  We’re hoping that this response reaches all Americans, left, right and in between to end this political attack on the rights of Americans once and for all.

Not only did we destroy the ridiculous logic behind this tweet and others like it, but hopefully we start looking at the true cause of these things and reinstate the spending for mental health that young Americans once had access too before the Clintons too it away.

Here is the viral response: