EXPOSED: Charlie Kirk Want’s 50 Million Immigrants in under 10 years

Charlie Kirk believes solely in the stock market, the GDP and the “free market”. He has been heard time and time again advocating for an “unlimited” number of immigrants to come into the US to compete with Americans over jobs, saturating wages in the process.

Here we have Charlie Kirk advocating for the US to take in 50 million immigrants in under 10 years.

This sort of immigration policy is suicidal. The president of the United States has continuously advocated for Kirk and his horrible immigration policy that goes against everything Trump stood for during his victorious 2016 election.

In a second clip, Charlie Kirk is heard constructing a new slogan of sorts, the “Big wall, big door” policy, a policy that entirely ignores immigrant voting patterns and the incalculable other consequences too vast to list here. Charlie Kirk simply wants unlimited immigration into the US.

Here you can see plainly what Kirk is calling for:

We will continue to expose Charlie Kirk and his “unlimited” immigration policies so long as the President of the United States, Donald J Trump, continues to promote him and his fraudulent organization TPUSA.