Evidence Suggests Joe Biden Is the Most Unlikeable, Uncool Presidential Candidate in History

Joe Biden is like that creepy grandfather who think’s he cool, but you never really want to spend time with. He will offer you ice cream, and with a grin, in his aviators, he’ll say: “Let’s go for a train ride, C’mon Man!”

The dude is just straight up weird. This guy can’t even form a coherent sentence, the least he could do is hire a young tech-savvy internet kid to make him appear cool on the internet.

Oh, that’s right, he already tried that.

This guy really believes ice cream is the key to winning in politics. He gives you ice cream, you vote for Joe Biden. It’s simple, really.

Not only is Joe Biden creepily obsessed with ice cream, but as his Twitter profile says, the guy has some kind of autistic obsession with trains, specifically Amtrak.

Joe looks like he is in his happy place, sitting there dazing off into the distance, hands tweaked together as he contemplates where he might find his next ice cream cone.