Eric Swalwell May Be Removed from House Intel Committee After Chinese Spy Infiltrated Democrat Party

After a string of reports revealed a Chinese spy had been seeking out Democrat politicians, having sexual relations with them and helping fund their campaigns — Eric Swalwell has officially been removed from the House Intel Committee as he is now directly linked to the Chinese spy. 

Swalwell, who has over the years berated Trump supporters with the unproven lie that Donald J Trump had conspired with Russia to influence the 2016 election, has been found to have been compromised by the Chinese after his affiliations with the notorious spy had been unearthed.

Over the years, Swalwell has been quite interested in China, and has called numerous times for the Trump administration to work directly with China on various topics.

“Talk to experts, allies, & China.”

As the Trade War with China rages on, Swalwell called for closer business ties to the rogue state. 

Swalwell time and time again has used soft language when dealing with China, even going so far as repurposing President Donald J Trumps slogan of “Make America Great Again”, for China.