Enemy Behind The Gates: Donald Trump Promotes Open Borders Activist Charlie Kirk

the President of The United States Donald J trump campaigned and won in 2016 for his hard stance on immigration. Now almost 4 years later he has completely flipped on his winning platform and promotes an open border activist named Charlie Kirk and his subversive organization TPUSA.

Below, Charlie Kirk explains how the US is only 5% of the worlds population but takes in around 67% of all the worlds refugees, and how this is success. Kirk claims that America takes in over 1.5 million immigrants annually, a number greater than the population of Montana, every single year, and how this is another example of success.

Charlie Kirk also believes the EB5 Visa program is the “success story” of our current immigration system, and wants to reduce monetary standards to be eligible for this program resulting in a lower wage for the common American.

To learn more about the EB5 Visa scam, we refer you to Michelle Malkin’s video breakdown on the subject.

To learn more about Charlie Kirk and his perverted views on the American immigration system and what that means for the common American, please read our previous stories on the topic below.

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