END BIAS IN SCHOOLS: This Is A Petition Every Conservative Will Want To Sign

The internet and social media is swirling with petitions for all sorts of different things. Petitions for social issues, petitions for political issue and then there’s those petitions for the most ridiculous things you have ever seen.  Anyone can technically create a petition and get signatures.

However this petition is one that all conservatives, and even the classic liberals should want to sign.

Robert Radulescu, the founder of the Unified Party, recently created a petition that is gaining steam around the inter-webs.  It is a petition to end those stories that we have been hearing almost monthly now, about teachers and professors slanging a one sided political narrative to their students in the classroom.

Here is Robert’s blog post on his Facebook page regarding the petition, telling what it’s about and why everyone who is pro-Freedom and pro-Critical thinking, should sign.

The petition is simple. It will end all of the frustrating stories like the one at OCC College, at Verdugo Hills High School and hundreds of others, where middle school teachers and college professors across the nation have been indoctrinating students from as early on as 5 years of age.  Some going as far as drawing Donald Trump as Hitler or telling students who supported President trump to “stand up so other students know who to watch out for.”

If there ever is a petition that you sign this year, sign this one and make sure to pass this on.  You can find the petition here.