Email Leaks Show ‘Journalist’ Reportedly Emailed Chase Bank to Get Conservatives BANNED, and it Worked

In April of 2019 Chase Bank decided to close the accounts of several conservative activists and commentators, without providing any reason for doing so. Among the individuals whose accounts Chase arbitrarily closed were Martina Markota, a video host for the conservative news website Rebel Media; independent reporter, Army combat veteran, and purple heart recipient Joe Biggs; Enrique Tarrio, chairman of the Proud Boys activist group and owner of a website that sells provocative political merchandise; conservative activist Laura Loomer, who was unable to  access her Chase banking app, but she was uncertain as to whether this was politically motivated or a technical glitch.

New email leaks in a story that journalist Tim Pool broke, show that an activist named April Glaser who calls herself a ‘journalist,’ actually may have triggered this mass banning of conservatives from certain payment processors. Both Chase bank and Slate confirmed the authenticity of this email to Pool.

In addition to this, we believe that there is a connection between Joe Biggs also being banned and Glaser reaching pressuring Chase about the online store due to Biggs formerly advertising for this conservative merchandise shop on his show.

Enrique Tarrio, who is the Chairman of the Proud Boys fraternal organization, had his personal Chase bank account shut down as well and is reported to be the main person targeted by Glaser.

In a letter obtained exclusively by Big League Politics, the bank informs him that he must shut down all of his accounts by April 1st, 2019, without giving a reason.

In a now deleted tweet, Glaser also called for reinstating government broadcast regulations, calling on the US government to regulate people who broadcast on social media and limit broadcasting again to only mainstream news outlets.

In an article on Slate also written by Glaser she advocates for the Government to ‘do something,’ and that ” the history of how the U.S. government has regulated mass communication offers another way to understand the issue. Social networks are venues for small-scale communication, but they also serve as 10,000-foot-high podiums where people can broadcast ideas and reach millions in ways never before technologically possible.”

It appears that Glaser used the same tactics as Vox host Carlos Maza allegedly did by pressuring YouTube to take action against Steven Crowder which resulted in HUNDREDS of channels either being demonetized, outright banned from the platform, or having their videos deleted by YouTube.

The five-day tweet storm by Maza was also followed by mainstream outlets backing him also calling for YouTube to take action against speech they don’t agree with.  Articles with headlines like YouTube Says Bullying Someone For Being Gay And Latino Is Just “Opinion” and others with headlines such asGOOGLE’S LGBTQ EMPLOYEES ARE FURIOUS ABOUT YOUTUBE’S POLICY DISASTERS” ranked in the top google search results. 

In a publicly published open letter to the CEO of YouTube, VOX even called for further action to be take against conservative commentators on YouTube claiming that YouTube doesn’t do enough to support the LGBT creators.

“Dear Susan Wojcicki,

YouTube’s social media profiles have been updated with a rainbow-themed version of your logo to celebrate Pride Month. But to truly celebrate your LGBTQ creators and users, there’s another more meaningful update you need to make this month.

Your platform has made it easier than ever for people making abusive content to reach a massive scale. As Vox video producer Carlos Maza documented in a Twitter thread, he’s been the subject of repeated personal attacks by the popular YouTube commentator Steven Crowder. During a series of videos attempting to rebut Carlos’s arguments, he calls Carlos “the lispy queer from Vox,” along with many other homophobic and racist slurs. These repeated attacks on Carlos’s sexual orientation and ethnicity have led to vicious onslaughts, including doxxing and dogpiling, from many of Crowder’s millions of fans.”

At the same time that YouTube demonetized Crowder, they also deleted thousands of videos, banned hundreds of channels, and demonetized countless other channels who were mostly large conservative YouTubers.  Some non-political channels got caught up in the purge as well.

Here is a list of the top channels affected:


The Red Elephants

Know More News

Andy Warski

Deep Fat Fried Podcast

Jesse Lee Peterson


Tailed Feature

Ford Fischer

Dan Dicks

Revenge Of The Cis

Martin Sellner

James Allsup

Steven Crowder

Red Ice TV


Dr Shaym

Jake Morphonios of Blackstone Intel

Videos Deleted


American Renaissance

Ryan Dawson

E Michael Jones

The Higherside Chats

Bre Faucheux

Owen Benjamin

Count Dankula

Angelo John Gage

Gavin McInnes


Red Ice TV

Black Pigeon Speaks

Drunken Peasants

Press For Truth

J.F Gariepy


Mr Allsop History

Patrick Slattery

Cultured Thug



The Great Order


If you know anything, the list above is probably a list of YouTubers that you should subscribe to, at least the ones that were not completely banned.  Why?  Because if these were the top channels affected, then these are the channels that are telling the truth.

This massive purge though has also included many other YouTube channels that have absolutely nothing to do with politics.