DRAMATIC VIDEO: Muslim Parents Call Cops On Son. Cops Try To Arrest Him And Then…

Police units were called to Sherif Elganainy’s parents’ home on Wednesday morning. WTSP in Tampa reports:

“The mother smelled some chemicals, the father starts ventilating the house, they get into a confrontation with their son, Sherif. He then pushes the father and the mother,” Nocco said.

The father was taken to the hospital and deputies found some type of chemicals and marijuana in Sherif’s room.

“Mom made statements to detectives that when he gets mad he says things to her like I’m a terrorist or part of ISIS,” Nocco said.

At that point, the terrorist investigation was on with multiple federal agencies and the bomb squad to check out the unknown substances.

Police calmly approach the matter in the beginning until they find something on Sherif that makes them nervous.

“He’s pulling on my gun,” said a deputy in the body camera video.